Tuesday, 11 July 2017

And then the Bali chapter closed.....

I'm not even sure where to begin writing this.  I'm sitting here in a Queensland winter by the beach; in fact I sat here 6 and a half years ago on my last day before I moved to Bali.  I'm literally 20 meters from where I was sitting saying goodbye.  Sitting here realizing this writing this.  This is the cycle of a most profound journey and another unfolding effortlessly in front of me.  

Let's step back 7 years.  To the first call, my friends ask me to accompany them to Bali for a research trip.  I had never aspired to go to Bali, ever.  Yet unbeknownst to me, back then she was calling.   I landed and felt a deep resonance, much to my surprise.  After spending time wandering around her, I found myself saying; "I'm moving to Bali", I didn't think that was possible, yet the universe had some serious plans for me and cleared the way to make that possible and within 3 short months I was indeed moving to Bali.  Totally blowing my mind and freaking me out, yet I felt compelled beyond anything I had experienced to go. 

First trip.... things felt normal to me for the first time pretty much ever.

In less than a month I had been taken to scared ceremony and immersed in the Hindu and local culture.  This was never on my mind, how could it be, I never knew anything about it, (not until I remembered).  I had no idea why I was moving to Bali, I thought I would blend into expat life, my children would go to Green School and maybe I would take up yoga.  No, this was not the divine plan at all.  Not one bit.  Nothing like that.  I was in for a ride I could never imagine, not in my wildest dreams.   I was to embark on a spiritual journey that would not only blow my mind but every single thing I had ever thought.  And more.

For the first time in my life I felt safe, accepted and clear.  It was a most odd experience.  I showed up to every single ceremony and practise, without ever considering not.  I found a new way of contemplating life and all that was happening to me which appeared like a living hell in my mind, was indeed my world showing me the way.

People started to enquire after my doings and beings.  I had to reframe everything and the unfolding occurred and the request for 'showing my experiences' evolved into group spiritual journeying.  Much to my surprise I became a guide for others and a new me was awakening.

I could write a trillion words of what happened over those middle years of this last 7 year cycle.  And I have in fact written some which is in a little book in the editing stage and a memoir will come at some stage.

I have had hundreds of people journey with me and since I took my teachings online, there are now thousands who have experienced the work.

The stories of what occurred over the years are mind blowing, yet they were my experience.   I tell these events and watch peoples jaw drop and the Wow's follow.  Sitting at the feet of Gurus, activating volcanos, shapeshifting in caves and endless extraordinary things happened.

I learnt more in this time than I ever anticipated in this lifetime.  I learnt how to navigate life beyond dimensions and how to be in this realm.  I said, YES and the entire universe conspired to meet me there.

And so it began, again much to my surprise I was in a massive process.  It lead to me becoming a Hindu and then going through the process of Master, Mangku, Jero (priestess) and High Priestess. 

Hindu Ceremony and Hindu name.  Putu Widiani... A homecoming.

I had embodied Goddess Durga in a cave with a tantric swami and this whole new world opened up.  Then a billion other things happened and then for my 40th birthday I got a most surprising gift.  Hello LeoAnanda Ganesh Starr.  The divine mothering path as Durgaji.   

We hang out with the High Priestess.

The orginial plan seemed ready for ripening a few years later and the big kids came to live our not so much expat life.

As my work and my teachings got more refined and more potent, my practise of divine mothering got a huge workout.
Chop Wood, Carry Water.

So many endings were presenting themselves.  "Much to my surprise", 'seems the constant theme'.  The mind is always up for surprising things.  I was being called to other lands.  Strongly.  I started the search across the planet and the whisperings became very loud.  My beautiful daughter graduated high school valedictorian of Bali Island School and our exit plan was well underway.

The last big journey where 11 courageous souls joined for a karmic contract was beyond anything any of us anticipated.  Including me.  The final NikStarr Bali Retreat was a sacred container of my time in a journey.  Guiding this group as I was saying goodbye simultaneously was so much more than words can convey.  An absolute honour and a graduation of sorts of self.  As just days after, I went through High Priestess and a huge completion and embodiment occurred.  My preparation to leave Bali was complete and I was free to go.  It felt like a natural evolution.  I was not sad to leave my beloved island at all.  Contrary, super excited to continue into the next chapter.  The last few days were incredibly beautiful.  Beyond anything I could have wished for.

We boarded our plane and as I turned my phone off, it was 11:11pm, I smiled.   And onwards we went, up up up into our visit to Australia.  Having 2 events to say farewell to my beloved students and anyone else who wants to play.  To celebrate Ruby's 18th birthday and spend time with my parents.  And then we will be off, to the other side of the planet, literally and into our new life.

Beloved Bali, I had no idea what you had in store for me.  I'm so glad I answered your call.  I will be back to visit as promised.  The unimaginable unfolded and you taught me all about surrender, humility and embracing divine plans.  And so onwards we go.  You are embedded into our hearts and part of our souls, we will share your wisdom and wonder wherever we go.  

North America we will see you soon and embrace your big plans with a knowing and beyond.

Grace and gratitude, 

Durgaji Ibu Jero Putu Widiani Nicole Phoenix Starr.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Do you know what your name means?

A Truly fascinating consideration ahead.

Do you know the meaning of your name ?  If you don't go do a google dash and find out.  If we think about it, if we don't know the meaning of our name, that's pretty interesting.  We have this word that everyone calls us, we are literally attached to it in the system from our birth certificate to passports to bank accounts to every one using it to create a connection with us and it is said, thought or spoke of many times a day.  That's a huge use of a word.  Words have weight.  There is a vibration to words and there is also a numeric reflection of composition in regards to the numerology of your name at birth.

It's so fascinating to me.  I have been in deep reflection of this since Guruji brought this to my consideration.

So what does Nicole mean: 

The given name Nicole is of Greek origin and means" victorious people"

In Greek the meaning of the name Nicole is:  People's victory.
People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.
People with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times.

This was interesting find in my research:

A Nicole is someone who is omnipotent. A Nicole is gorgeous, intelligent, mysterious, witty, hilarious, out-going, creative and seductive, yet she is also tough, street-smart, experienced, brave, enduring, and mainly a wonderful mother. Nothing and nobody can compare to a Nicole in any aspect. Mess with a Nicole, or her family, and you will regret ever being born.

It's so interesting we attach meaning to everything but do we ever spend time considering the meaning of our name.  What is it's purpose, are we to live out that purpose.  It's that a piece of the entire life puzzle.  I think so.

I was born Nicole Evans, Evans meaning son of Evan.  Evan means God has been gracious, or God has shown favour.  "I didn't know this until just now..... geez".

In 1998 I married a Starr and became one, this was a welcomed name and It meaning is:  a name given to a person who was a person whose personality or appearance called to mind; a bright shining star. 

Phoenix was something that came through for me Easter Sunday in 2010, I literally rose out of some ashes and embodied this name, it was a long time coming, I have felt very drawn to this name for eons., it has been with me ever since.  I always had middle name envy as a child. 

The name Phoenix is a Greek name. In Greek the meaning of the name Phoenix is :A bird that built its own pyre and then was reborn from the ashes.
People with this name have a deep inner desire for love and companionship, and want to work with others to achieve peace and harmony.
People with this name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. They tend to be courageous and sometimes aggressive. As unique, creative individuals, they tend to resent authority, and are sometimes stubborn, proud, and impatient.
And then I just started this huge flow of names being given to me, all I ever wanted was a middle name, now I've lost count of how many I have.

Let's see:

Durgaji Ibu Jero Putu Widiani Aditi Nicole Phoenix Starr.  That's 7. WOW.  And then there is simply 'Nik' and 'NikStarr'... which are others used more often than most.

(Just now checking NIK..... English Meaning: The name Nik is an English  name. In English the meaning of the name Nik is: Lord.  Lord being the direct translation from God/dess).  So NikStarr therefore means, Shining bright God*dess.  FANCY FREAKIN THAT, I am literally researching this part as I write this. 

Durgaji was the name Swami gave me as soon as I met him and the only thing he ever called me, I wondered for a long time if he even knew my birth name.  I have been reflective deeply over the last two weeks of my tantric journey and how it essentially saved me (from myself), a brutal path of fierce awakening, knowing self as well as I do, it worked divinely and far beyond my perceived minds capacity.

Durga...... (just saying it in my head the depth of this is felt in every cell of my body, I adore being a manifestation of Devi Durga.  The moment she awoke within me I felt home.  I became safe, certain and truly alive.  It took me 3 days to embody and integrate, I nearly went insane.  The path hasn't been easy, it's been unimaginable and totally divine).

Durga means 'impenetrable'.... "the inaccessible" or "the invincible".  She is the mother of all creation. T
he goddess of power and strength

"ji" is a honorific suffix used in Hindi to convey respect to the individual whose name it is appended to.  eg. Swamiji, Guruji........ Durgaji.

At the time of receiving this name, I researched Durga deeply.  I wasn't exactly pleased with being the mother to all.  The mother figure was something I hadn't found easy and at the time my children were very far from me and there was so much pain associated with it all.  'well played Swami, well played'.  I came to feel deep grace with the blessing of this name.  I understood the reverence it held.  I understood it was my duty to respect that greatly.  I understand now, this name thing, is a very big deal.

Putu Widiani is my Hindu name given to me by Brahmana at my Hindu conversion ceremony. Putu, meaning first born (in my family) and Widiani, meaning spiritual master.  I felt a deep sense of belonging the day I received this name and answered automatically to Putu without any need to get used to it.

Ibu Jero is a title, it means Priestess or Female Priest.  I got this when I had my ceremony to become a Jero.  My high priest only ever calls me Jero Putu.

Aditi.... meaning "boundless, entire" or "freedom, security" in Sanskrit. This is the name of an ancient Hindu goddess of the sky and fertility. According to the Vedas she is the mother of the gods.

This name was given to me while I was literally on stage at the World Hindu Summit in 2013, I was pregnant with LeoAnanda and the Amma was a revered Guru from India that felt compelled to give it to me then and there.

CAN YOU SEE A THEME .......... WOW, JUST WOW!!!!!!.

I hold these names sacredly within my heart, all of them.  

I'm thanking Guruji for prompting me into this deep consideration, our biggest Label.  Our name.

I remember I went and had a session with a famous Mangku of numerology, he did all the numbers on my name and gave me such incredible insight.  That lead me to a river, of 5 ways, a place that joined 5 parts to the whole and did a hilarious ceremony, quite the rebirth energy and cleansed my names vibration for me, its was a huge marker on my journey. 

I asked my daughter Ruby this question; she looked at me with wide eyes and said..... 'a gemstone'.... and then she hit google and what unfolded, was the most precious of gems and so so so so much more... Her middle name is Shiloh, which means 'peaceful one'.... Shining Starr.

I have just now looked up my son Harley, it was a name that his father suggested to divert me from my wish, namely Ferris.... I was happy to settle with Harley.  It means 'hare's meadow', He's always off down some rabbit hole for sure.  Hahhahaha, his middle name is Luther, a name in line with the 'peaceful message of middle names'... Shining Starr.

And then there is my third child LeoAnanda.  Blissful Brave Hearted one.  Ganesh, (his middle name,  being the son of Durga).....  Shining Starr.

I think I will leave todays transmission there.  

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Free fall genius ~ The Leap of Faith

There's a place that has a reputation as 'scary' and not everyone knows that this is also called 'Free fall genius'......this is the space between surrender and smiling.
I know you have experienced in some way or another. 

Where it's really scary (and perhaps the alternative is even more scary; often doing nothing is the worse option)..... and you leap, and you may be holding your breath and then there is this space where something Bigger than you has kicked in and you not only know everything is going to be ok, it's actually going to be far more profound than you could have ever imagined aka 'The Unimaginable'. 

The energy in the fear is transformed into an expanded state which allows the Genius to rise in the free fall. 

The Leap of Faith is Genius indeed <3 

Brave Boots ON.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Illusion: that the goal is Peace on Earth.

The great wish..... Peace on Earth.

Everyone is waiting for .... Peace on Earth.

Everyone is 'Peace on Earthing'....... what if this is not the purpose of Earth?

What if earth is indeed the classroom for evolution of the Soul and 'peace' would disrupt the learning?

What if the very friction and all the suffering was the essence of earths offering to the souls that come here for the human experience?

Why is it that nature follows this premise without question or egoic desire for it to change?

If we take a moment to look at the cycle of birth, death and rebirth; the cycles aren't all peaceful.

If we look at the forest after the fire has been through and the rejuvenation that naturally occurs.

If we look at the destruction of Mother Nature herself, her magnificence and majesty is profound and her destruction is inescapable and shattering.

The nature of the earth is not peaceful.

The land of duality.  Where there is a light and dark of everything with a whole lot of grey in the middle.  Literally, the gravity of all things can be found opposing each other.  Magnetic poles and magnetic personalities.  It goes on and on and on and on.

The cycle of Samsara is the very nature of earth and every single atom on it. Part of it. Making it the earth it is in any given moment.  Then it's in the next stage of the cycle.

There is a theory, of which I align with and that is;  that every human on earth came here for a purpose.  That we are all souls.  We are souls that chose to come here for this current lifetime.  When we finish this lifetime we will return to the cosmos in whatever realm we are destined and then we will go through the next process of our soul journey and onward and onward.  We may chose to come back to earth again at some time to have another go.  

Under this theory earth is the place of evolution, of growth, of learning and of karmic consequence.  Earth is where we are able to experience many things and understand a new level of awareness.  Where we can grow intellectually, spiritually and physically.  It is here the ultimate classroom of soul learning occurs within these human body suits with our soul family.  A lot of learning comes through adversity.  Deep realizations come through intense suffering.  Bliss is experienced from pure joy.  Awareness brings wisdom.  If there was only peace then we would have no polarity to learn from.  That is not human nature.  Human nature is curiosity.  Human nature is understanding through questioning.  Human nature is compassion through pain.  The earth is not destined for peace, I believe that is 'heavens' purpose.

This wishing, hoping and praying from peace on earth is bypassing the purpose of life.  It's ignoring the responsibility that comes with being granted a life on earth.  Having the opportunity to come to earth to learn soul evolution is such a gift.  The soul can learn so much here.

The goal here on earth is "peace within".  

If we have peace within then the earth will, without a doubt, become a more peaceful place to be.  The earth has never ever been simply peaceful.

I was recently at a global conference speaking about the ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita in the modern world.  The most revered Swami there talked about how all the great masters had challenges and life issues to deal with every day.  How Buddha shared the problems with his family and how Jesus had huge adversities, nails in hands are rather challenging.  Todays masters and enlightened beings daily have challenges to deal with.  The Dalai Lama always has something to attend to.  Oprah Winfrey, her reach and impact is huge.  Richard Branson, business and getting spaceships out of the atmosphere is very challenging.  Nelson Mandela, rather challenging few years he encountered...... I could go on and on and on.  I'm sure you get my point.  All these people have grown, evolved and risen to new heights from the very things that have taken any sense of peace from within them.  

It is not an external thing.  There being peace in the external is not going to bring peace within.  The is delusion.  

I recall when this notion dropped in on me.  I was going through yet another huge challenge in my life.   I was asking my colleague for help and this is what he replied to my email:

"When you are well founded in yourself.  No negativity will affect you."

You become so smooth that nothing can hook in, I reflected.

Whether you are in a temple or whether you are in a jail the environment doesn't need to affect you, perhaps the environment can be affected by you being there? Peace in action.

This earth is a long way off being peaceful, our leaders still think that we should kill each other or blow up each others neighbourhoods to bring peace. 

This all comes from the separation we have as humans.  Forgetting we are souls.  All souls from the one source.  Pure consciousness.  God, Allah, Shiva, Tom, Dick or Harry did not make the earth, universe; they are metaphors for guidance for the human while on earth.  They are beautiful learning tools and energies that assist us in remembering.  Pure consciousness is the infinite eternity that we humans cannot comprehend with these human minds. And we all stem from pure consciousness.  All souls coming from pure consciousness to earth to have a human experience to learn 'peace within'.  Currently most humans are without peace.  That is ok, that is why we are here.  
To learn, to remember. 

To consider for one moment if the main focus of everybody on earth was to embody 'peace within' there may be a little more success.  Trying to focus on peace on earth is truly missing the point. The peaceful experience on earth comes when one is at peace within.  

It really is as simple as that.

Oh and yes it's difficult and oh yes it's so hard and oh yes there is so much against this concept.  

Yes, correct, and that is where we have the greatest opportunity to thrive.   

Humans continue to handle more than they ever thought they could endure.  To recognise somehow you signed up for all of this.  And in that realization seeing that it was to grow, to learn, to evolve.

Soul Work.

Perhaps then you may meet these challenges a little different.  Perhaps you will see everything that arises as an opportunity rather than a challenge.  Perhaps you will embrace it with such enthusiasm that you find this soul work far more purposeful.  Maybe....

It's easy to wish for 'Peace on earth' and rally around screaming it at the masses.  It takes courage and commitment to, working on 'the peace within'.  

The consequence of one's response-ability to all human doings creates human beings more aligned and more interested in each others 'peace within'. 

Earth has exactly the perfect conditions for the soul to have a human experience.  
One that squeezes you so much that the only way to find peace is to go within.

The earth will love you for it.  

'Earth, where peace can be found'.


Nicole Phoenix Starr.


Sunday, 1 May 2016

DANCE, Dance, dance......

I used to dance.  And then one day I realized I hadn’t danced for a while. I used to dance nearly every day of my entire life.  And then one day I realized I haven’t danced for a really long time.   
When my father bought me home from the hospital he danced around the whole house with ‘Little ray of sunshine’ thumping through the speakers.  Every time I saw my grandparents they were dancing.  I watched my father every night listening to music, I would hide behind the door dancing to his music.  I started with tap and then a very short moment of ballet.  Every day in the car music was playing and I would dance in my head staring out the window.  When I was 8 I took school holiday program to learn disco dancing.  I then found a place where I could dance all the time.  I became a ballroom dancer at that dance studio.  I danced everyday.  I danced at the studio. I danced in my bedroom.  I danced in the kitchen.  In my fathers bar.  I danced outside on my swingset and with my portable cassette player.  I danced all over the country.  I danced on regional, state, national and international dance floors. I had walls of trophies with dancers atop of them.  My life was to dance. I was free in my dance.  No one could take it away from me. I was anything, anyone, any any any world in my dance.  
I left that studio, I left home.  I danced in my bedroom.  I danced in the kitchen.  I danced in pubs.  I danced in bars.  I danced in clubs.  I danced in my car.  I danced in fields.  I danced in deserts.  I danced on beaches.  I danced at festivals.  I danced in my heart.
I danced through depression.  I danced through drugs.  I danced through divorce.  I danced through death.  I danced in my lounge room.  I danced in the temples.  I danced, I just danced.   I don’t remember a day I didn’t dance.
Until… that day.  I realized I hadn’t danced since he had fully penetrated my life.  He invaded my soul.  He invaded my entire being.  
I had stopped dancing. I didn’t even notice.
All the abuse, all the gas-lighting, all the deceit.  All the lies.  
I was never a victim.  I was a groomed intentional acquisition.  ….. And then it was done.  Soul Contract complete. Over. Relief.
I eventually could dance again in my meditation.  I could dance again with the divine.  I could dance in my dreams.  Yet I hadn’t danced in my human.  Some things change you.  Innocence of the heart is precious.  My innocence in my heart was my dance.  
Slowly she starts to dance…….  

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

5 years ago today I moved to Bali.... 5 lifetimes have passed. A reflection by ME.

5 is my favourite number and today is 5 years since I moved to Bali from Australia with 2 suitcases (my worldly possessions) and no plan and no idea.  Many thought I was losing my mind.  Many thought I was the most courageous woman in the world.  I thought, none of this makes sense; I must do it no matter what.

My dearest Denise drove me to the airport.... blessed to have her take me to the plane where eventually I would find my wings.


I had said goodbye to my children for what I thought was going to be 9 weeks, 1 term of school and then they would join me after I found a house and sorted school enrolment and such. The universe and their father had other ideas.... Little did I know this was very much the divine plan. It unfolded this way exactly as it was suppose to. I learnt what a shattered heart felt like. I learnt deep confused acceptance. I learnt loving no matter what. I learnt to show up every single time. I learnt how to communicate with my children from afar. I learnt how they quickly knew how to communicate with my soul. I learnt that patience was indeed a virtue.


In a very short time my destiny was taking me to a place I never knew existed. I was way out of the mainstream and deep in the village. I was in a complete different world. I surrendered in there, I met all my fears and I finally understood what it was to trust myself. I allowed it all to take me no matter how ugly or painful it got. I kept showing up. I accessed things within me that lead me to where I am today.


Being in the Hindu world was very natural for my human. My mind found it confusing. My soul was finally aligned with my entire being. I became a Hindu at the 3 year mark. Then things supernova-ed and peace became very common within. I embodied Goddess Durga in a cave with a Swami, karma started burning at a rate of exponential giddiness.... Showing up was all I knew to do.


I did as I was told and sat at the feet of gurus, I learnt humility there. I very quickly went from Master to Mangku to Jero (priestess). I devoured my journey, the learnings and I worked weeks without sleep. I was taken through initiation and ceremony by High Priestess each time she deemed me ready. I never planned this, I just showed up. I then ended up at the World Hindu Summit. Apparently I had a special journey to share amongst revered holy men and women, this day was rather overwhelming. I kept showing up.


Then apparently I needed a divine little child to join us on this journey. That was most unexpected. I showed up for that gift and some.


Eventually all my Starry babes would come and live in Bali and that was quite the change. I met this with love and wonder and it gifts me everyday in every way.  

The path of the Divine Mother Priestess.
I never saw that one coming.


I claimed all that this journey has offered me, albeit the hardest offerings ever in this lifetime. And now I live with deep peace in my heart. I do divine work that simply is daily life. I share myself with those called and I honour every single moment. My life is a ceremony. ALL OF IT.


It is with the deepest gratitude that I sit with everyday that brings me to meet it all. Showing up is my mantra. My humility is my fuel and my children are my contracts I'm in constant daily evolution with. Thank all the gods and goddesses I headed the call to get on that flight 5 years ago today. 
I was the one I was waiting for.


I can't even imagine where I will be in 5 years time...... It's none of my business. I'll just keep showing up everyday and see what unfolds.

All my love and blessings to all who share my journey, DEEP BOW.

~Durgaji Ibu Jero Putu Widiani Nicole Phoenix Starr.......... or Nik .....xoxoxo



Thursday, 31 December 2015

Invitation to join my online Temple in the New Year.


I've been thinking as this year comes to an end where I was a year ago.  I actually find it very difficult to comprehend it was just a year ago.  

I am steeped in a state of joy in this reflection.  I could never of believed myself if I told myself what would unfold.  And yet it all feels like a deep deep knowing of alwaysness.

I am starting the new year in service.  I have a courageous soul ask to start first thing January 1 for a Soul Immersion.  I'm super excited to be diving deep in ceremony, evolution and divinity from the first minute of the year.

Possibly the most beautiful thing that happened last year was a 3 month long journey.  With a group of truly amazing women from all walks of life, at very different stages of their path.  It was INTENSE.  It was heartbreaking (opening).  It was wild.  It was the perfect expression of the divine in action.  It was the biggest honor to hold impeccable space for this beauties.  I have never witnessed such evolution that I can recall within any lifetime.  

I've had women tell me that the work must continue, they were not stopping here.  And so alas, the next 3 month journey.... 'Insert singing angels in my ears'..... will begin the week of February 1st.  I've had a few come in already, through people that shared their experience.  So now I am putting it out to you all here.


You can read some reflections in there of a few experiences.   The little they could manage to articulate.  You can find the basic outline of the 'how'.  You can find how to contact me to apply.  You can make an appointment to have a skype call about it or email me direct.  It's all here in this link.

I would like to offer you all my blessings and prayers as you cross into the new year.  You don't need resolutions.  We are the most important person to keep agreements with and the easiest person to shrug off. This year think about the value of your word. Simply Honour that!

2016..... We were born for these times.

I see you.
I honour you.
I treasure you.
I love you.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Ommmmmmmm......

Durgaji Jero Nicole.


A sweet reflection: 
Reflections about my journey with Nicole Phoenix Starr
Wow, Where to begin!
How about with the very first week as that is where you helped me to feel more safe, and checked in with my security around having my needs met after my recent transition to Ubud. I didn’t have an income at the time we started and that contributed to my feelings of lack. So having a goddess Lakshmi just gave me such a focus for me to manifest abundance, build a ritual around, remind myself daily to cultivate and honour abundance.
The energy of my altar was not brought to a new vibration.
I took on the challenge of hosting with airbnb.
Every session just brought clarity around information/emotions that I suppressed. Asked myself such hard questions and shared my voice, my findings so openly with you, so that I had witnesses and commitment to move on and shift these blocks.
I mean I knew I had blocks, been working on them for years, yet this process produced transparency at another level.
I possess trust, I know my passions better than I have ever explored, I realize why I feel so powerless and am ready to shift this pattern. Definitely feel more empowered in my recently birthed Warrior archetype. And now have my warrior mountain bike chariot that can get me to work in 15 minutes!
My heart has learned to receive and wants to try out pouring unconditional love.
I no longer pine for my past love, nor feel I need “another” to complete me. However if a magician or a farmer came round…
My voice still shakes with emotion around certain issues however I keep talking and know that I am an emotional being and that even when I speak with vulnerability, I will demonstrate strength.
I experience consciousness at a deeper level, experience being, and am aware how much I love this way of living.
My third eye and crown chakra are so much more open since a meditation practice has resumed again in my life.
I am so much more in tune with my archetypes since exploring how they enhance my consultancy role. I have purified and realized how ritual and routine feeds my spirit. I have new tools to feed my spirit.
I feel so grateful that I have given myself this year as a gift, and this practice working with you is the highlight of it all. How could I not, how could I have even questioned the possibility for even a moment is so beyond, behind me now.
Looking forward to blossoming with you in the future…                                                        
Sandee..... Canada/Bali

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Journeying with my Prophetess.

The path of the Living God*dess.
Remembering who you are...
QUEST: The search. ION: to enter into.

I met my PROPHETESS some months back. She lives within me. She spends a lot of time in alternate dimensions. She takes me on journeys when I am silent. She is powerful and I enjoy very much when she visits my present moment.
(For those who took the Soul Council Guided Meditation I gifted recently, you experienced her as the channel of that recording, if you wish to have the link click here).

I find myself pondering at times. The search begins {Quest} and she takes me deep deep within {Ion}.

Over the last few days she has shown me the links of the last few years, the specific initiations that lead to my path of Priestess. The initiations that I was thrust upon, unprepared for; I became very aware this was what lead to the total state of dis-membering of my entire being. I had to dis-member to re-member.

My Prophetess took me as the witness of these personal initiations for me to re-member and prepare me for my next unfolding. I observed the innocence in my eyes from just a few years back. I witnessed a courageous woman who had given up everything. I SEE now all the intense, often insane events I was thrust into were divinely aligned initiations.

I feel rather fragmented today, 2 nights with electricity black outs, wild storms and deep journeying with the Prophetess.... I know that it is in this state I am primed for the next expansion point. Perturbation pops and she unfolds.

This human experience is steeped in such beauty, especially through the cadence of awakening. I adore right now, the invitation stretches me, I am being guided with such grace and wisdom through the chasms of my souls path. Divine Dimension Dancing. <3

It is in the quiet times. In the Silence so much arises.
Gift yourself a sit in silence.
I invite you to journey within on a quest with your wise self.
The Full Moon fuels you and Spirit loves you. <3

As do I. <3

~~ Durgaji Jero Nicole.