Thursday, 14 November 2013

How much are you worth????? Do you undervalue yourself and is it showing up in other areas of your life?

Day 4 – Blog Challenge/Commitment

So here I sit with a few ideas rolling around my head but nothing that is startling obvious for me to write about today.

So I guess I will just write and see what happens.

I went to bed early last night and woke up very early this morning.  4.30am, went to the toilet, as you do when you are pregnant, then laid around waiting until I fell back asleep, alas that didn’t happen and  at 5.30am I started my day. 

I’m feeling rather physically challenged, well not like a lot but I’m really not comfortable.  My pelvis and all its muscles, cartilage, ligaments and stuff are all ‘relaxing’ to accommodate a fast growing baby.  My online pregnancy company that emails me weekly, told me that my baby put on around 400g THIS WEEK.  Considering 2 weeks ago the baby was 1 kg, I thought that was a fairly significant growth spurt.  I kinda feel like I’ve been kicked in the groin by a horse but let’s not go there. 

I got up and finally sorted my office, (all unpacking is complete), had some lovely interactions with students and generally had a great morning… Except that one thing, I got a message from Hayley, my current live in PA, saying; are you trying to send some Indians some smoke signals?  OMG…………………..The red kidney beanssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.  I had gone down to the kitchen (which is in another building at my villa) and made a chai around 6.30am, put the overnight soaked kidney beans on to cook and that was the last thing that I thought about them, until I got the message……. At 8ish.  Beans dead, saucepan in surgery.  Oopssss.

One thing that did happen mid office sorting which involved random Facebook action during the event; was reading a thread by a good friend of mine, Mr Shaune Clarke.

He was talking about the price value on someones product.  Which lead to a discussion of mindset.  I found the thread intruging seeing how people react, it’s a direct reflection of where they are at with their self-worth issues (or non issues).

You see Shaune and I met a few moons ago, I went to one of his trainings, I moved to Bali, he moved into my old house on the Sunshine Coast.  We stayed connected, Shaune is someone that holds a special place inside my heart, I think we possibly may of known each other in another lifetime some time before these recent moons.

Shaune came on one of my early NikStarr Spiritual Journeys  way back when.  At the time I had a price point that just covered costs, well most of the time it did.  I was grappling with asking for money for a spiritual service and my value and how much I should be able to afford to eat.  It was an interesting paradigm, with all the personal development and wealth creation I had done over the years.  A quandary at times to say the least.

Coming from pure service yet providing incredible value and transformation.  I was struggling with finding the balance.  We had a conversation in the debrief after I took Shaune on ‘quite the journey’, I think I blew one of his gaskets in his third chamber.   He said, this is a $10,000 program Nik.  I squirmed and carried on thought OMG, I, note here…….. I AM NOT WORTH THAT.  Holy shit….. Lesson 101.  Time to look at our self-worth issues here Nicole.  So in usual Nik style I threw myself into my ‘stuff’, and I found the universe was giving me truckloads of opportunity to check in where my resistance was and where my shifts were occurring and finally.  I simply doubled the price.  Still insanely affordable, yet was a big thing for me.  Then the magic occurred, the more I valued myself, the more the participants were showing up that were more appropriate for the work.  They were willing to go within, rather than looking for me to fix them, or pull out my magic wand.   The more I worked on myself and my worth, the more I grew the more unimaginable the journeys got. 

I will never forget the gift Shaune gave me that day, threw me arse up out of my comfort zone and I ran, not away but within.  For running away gets one nowhere, I had done enough research on that. 

What I found as a consequence of all this, money became the last part of the equation here.  I began to look at the value of what I was able to give, not about what I could get.  I realized that if I took responsibility of my self worth, as a soul we are worth infinity right, just in case you had forgotten. And then give everything to those that came to me in love, honor and service.  I always had money in my bank.  Funny that.

So I guess, I found my blog subject today.  Simply write and it comes out hey…… I am fortunate that in all this I have learnt perfection is a foolish state to come from.  Faith and trust will always take you where you need to go.
What later found in doing a month long commitment of writing love letters to money, aptly called 'Unfuck your money mojo', that one's relationship with money is very similar to all their relationships.  Money is just energy after all, we are just energy, we are all vibrations appearing as different things.  I teach in my mastery program about relationships and we always start with our relationship with money. Its all just the same anyway.

Go within, you will always find answers, the solution, EVERYTHING……I promise!

Thankyou Mr Clarke, eternally grateful.  xo

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  1. Jeanette Pitchford14 November 2013 at 22:57

    Notes taken Miss Nik! Brilliant, very apt for my new ideas....