Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#metoo DNA Wounding and so much more.

I invite you to stare at this image for awhile and drink all that in.
Imagine these 3 bodies (or more, your siblings) sharing this space, DNA, beliefs, experiences and cellular memories.

(I saw this pic a few days ago and it landed on me big time and then the very next day #metoo exploded).... read on.


Ancestral wounds are a huge thing.

If you've ever felt like you suffer from societal, environmental, ethical or sexual trauma, but you cant remember the trauma happening to you it's possible you have blocked it out, but it's also possible that it's not actually yours but someone else's.

Say what? Totally!

You could be experiencing trauma that is your mother's or your maternal grandmother's.

You're probably thinking how in the Hell could that even happen?

Let me explain.

At one time when your grandmother was pregnant she was carrying your mother as a fetus and inside her fetus was the egg that would one day become you (imagine stacking/nesting dolls).

So at one point, you, your mother, and your grandmother were all one body.


Mine was when I considered this, but it is true. You were sharing blood, DNA, emotions, and a single body.

Sexuality has changed a lot over the years, especially since the 1960s. So the older you are the more likely your mother or your grandmother had A LOT of sexual shame. Abuse has been happening since the beginning of time. Things happening to humans, every single second.

You inherited some that through DNA.

You then picked up even more through your upbringing.

Your parents, teachers, religion, the media, and society in general left you with lots of mixed impressions about abuse, life, habits, values, beliefs and sexuality.

It's so common we end up carrying so much sexual shame and guilt in our wombs as women, we hold our shame there and if we don't deal with it, we pass it on.

I work with women and do a lot of womb wisdom work. 

The numbers of sexual and person abuse and harassment are massive. Like mind blowing. Yet it's so common. The norm in fact. To not have it is rare. Very rare. Yet most say nothing. Extraordinary right. The human conditioning has shut us All down, men, women, children. All of US.

The beauty of this campaign is that it's on the table. It's out and we ARE talking about it. 

It's triggering the heck out of many and that's what happens before shifts. Squeezing and squirming and lots and lots of discomfort. 

So let's go back and consider the picture. How much shame did you inherit from your lineage. How much trauma is stored in your DNA?

The Answer on what to do now?

Do the work in this lifetime. If you have cleared the trauma from your cells you won't pass it on to your children. You can even do the work NOW and that will ripple through to your existing children. DNA work is potent. 

You wake up; then your family will eventually wake up. You don't need to pester them to try and wake them up. (That's in fact counterproductive). You can do the work. And that is not a burden, it's an honour. You took the option during preparing for life to show up here on earth and get into it.

So the good news is, you on'y have to be concerned with your own growth. Focus on being the best version of you and to practise Pure Potent Presence and learn to define your own impeccable boundaries.

I look at this picture and think of my Grandmother who had lost her mother when she was 15, I look at my mother as the growing baby, she lost her mother when she was 18 (so much loss, so much trauma, their stories are heartbreaking) and me as the egg sitting there waiting for my time. 

So much happened in that 9 months that we were all in there, so much happened over the 9 generations that include my children and my daughters eggs, (back 7 generations from me). 

Consider now, will you be brave? 

Will you stand up to those that haven't had an awakening enough to understand that hurting another isn't going to take their hurt away? That is the fundamental piece here. We only hurt others because we don't know how to deal with what's going on inside us.

Will you treat yourself in a manner that you wish others treat you? 

The ripple affect from this can be huge, if we choose to see it for what it is.

An opportunity. For growth. For collective evolution.

Keep talking please. Reach out. Support each other. Do the work with your wounds.

What is now known, cannot be unknown.
Everything is Illuminated. Shine the light into the Darkness.
This is a global purification in action.

Terima Kasih Tuhan.

I love you. 😍


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