Thursday, 30 March 2017

Free fall genius ~ The Leap of Faith

There's a place that has a reputation as 'scary' and not everyone knows that this is also called 'Free fall genius'......this is the space between surrender and smiling.
I know you have experienced in some way or another. 

Where it's really scary (and perhaps the alternative is even more scary; often doing nothing is the worse option)..... and you leap, and you may be holding your breath and then there is this space where something Bigger than you has kicked in and you not only know everything is going to be ok, it's actually going to be far more profound than you could have ever imagined aka 'The Unimaginable'. 

The energy in the fear is transformed into an expanded state which allows the Genius to rise in the free fall. 

The Leap of Faith is Genius indeed <3 

Brave Boots ON.

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