Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Illusion: that the goal is Peace on Earth.

The great wish..... Peace on Earth.

Everyone is waiting for .... Peace on Earth.

Everyone is 'Peace on Earthing'....... what if this is not the purpose of Earth?

What if earth is indeed the classroom for evolution of the Soul and 'peace' would disrupt the learning?

What if the very friction and all the suffering was the essence of earths offering to the souls that come here for the human experience?

Why is it that nature follows this premise without question or egoic desire for it to change?

If we take a moment to look at the cycle of birth, death and rebirth; the cycles aren't all peaceful.

If we look at the forest after the fire has been through and the rejuvenation that naturally occurs.

If we look at the destruction of Mother Nature herself, her magnificence and majesty is profound and her destruction is inescapable and shattering.

The nature of the earth is not peaceful.

The land of duality.  Where there is a light and dark of everything with a whole lot of grey in the middle.  Literally, the gravity of all things can be found opposing each other.  Magnetic poles and magnetic personalities.  It goes on and on and on and on.

The cycle of Samsara is the very nature of earth and every single atom on it. Part of it. Making it the earth it is in any given moment.  Then it's in the next stage of the cycle.

There is a theory, of which I align with and that is;  that every human on earth came here for a purpose.  That we are all souls.  We are souls that chose to come here for this current lifetime.  When we finish this lifetime we will return to the cosmos in whatever realm we are destined and then we will go through the next process of our soul journey and onward and onward.  We may chose to come back to earth again at some time to have another go.  

Under this theory earth is the place of evolution, of growth, of learning and of karmic consequence.  Earth is where we are able to experience many things and understand a new level of awareness.  Where we can grow intellectually, spiritually and physically.  It is here the ultimate classroom of soul learning occurs within these human body suits with our soul family.  A lot of learning comes through adversity.  Deep realizations come through intense suffering.  Bliss is experienced from pure joy.  Awareness brings wisdom.  If there was only peace then we would have no polarity to learn from.  That is not human nature.  Human nature is curiosity.  Human nature is understanding through questioning.  Human nature is compassion through pain.  The earth is not destined for peace, I believe that is 'heavens' purpose.

This wishing, hoping and praying from peace on earth is bypassing the purpose of life.  It's ignoring the responsibility that comes with being granted a life on earth.  Having the opportunity to come to earth to learn soul evolution is such a gift.  The soul can learn so much here.

The goal here on earth is "peace within".  

If we have peace within then the earth will, without a doubt, become a more peaceful place to be.  The earth has never ever been simply peaceful.

I was recently at a global conference speaking about the ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita in the modern world.  The most revered Swami there talked about how all the great masters had challenges and life issues to deal with every day.  How Buddha shared the problems with his family and how Jesus had huge adversities, nails in hands are rather challenging.  Todays masters and enlightened beings daily have challenges to deal with.  The Dalai Lama always has something to attend to.  Oprah Winfrey, her reach and impact is huge.  Richard Branson, business and getting spaceships out of the atmosphere is very challenging.  Nelson Mandela, rather challenging few years he encountered...... I could go on and on and on.  I'm sure you get my point.  All these people have grown, evolved and risen to new heights from the very things that have taken any sense of peace from within them.  

It is not an external thing.  There being peace in the external is not going to bring peace within.  The is delusion.  

I recall when this notion dropped in on me.  I was going through yet another huge challenge in my life.   I was asking my colleague for help and this is what he replied to my email:

"When you are well founded in yourself.  No negativity will affect you."

You become so smooth that nothing can hook in, I reflected.

Whether you are in a temple or whether you are in a jail the environment doesn't need to affect you, perhaps the environment can be affected by you being there? Peace in action.

This earth is a long way off being peaceful, our leaders still think that we should kill each other or blow up each others neighbourhoods to bring peace. 

This all comes from the separation we have as humans.  Forgetting we are souls.  All souls from the one source.  Pure consciousness.  God, Allah, Shiva, Tom, Dick or Harry did not make the earth, universe; they are metaphors for guidance for the human while on earth.  They are beautiful learning tools and energies that assist us in remembering.  Pure consciousness is the infinite eternity that we humans cannot comprehend with these human minds. And we all stem from pure consciousness.  All souls coming from pure consciousness to earth to have a human experience to learn 'peace within'.  Currently most humans are without peace.  That is ok, that is why we are here.  
To learn, to remember. 

To consider for one moment if the main focus of everybody on earth was to embody 'peace within' there may be a little more success.  Trying to focus on peace on earth is truly missing the point. The peaceful experience on earth comes when one is at peace within.  

It really is as simple as that.

Oh and yes it's difficult and oh yes it's so hard and oh yes there is so much against this concept.  

Yes, correct, and that is where we have the greatest opportunity to thrive.   

Humans continue to handle more than they ever thought they could endure.  To recognise somehow you signed up for all of this.  And in that realization seeing that it was to grow, to learn, to evolve.

Soul Work.

Perhaps then you may meet these challenges a little different.  Perhaps you will see everything that arises as an opportunity rather than a challenge.  Perhaps you will embrace it with such enthusiasm that you find this soul work far more purposeful.  Maybe....

It's easy to wish for 'Peace on earth' and rally around screaming it at the masses.  It takes courage and commitment to, working on 'the peace within'.  

The consequence of one's response-ability to all human doings creates human beings more aligned and more interested in each others 'peace within'. 

Earth has exactly the perfect conditions for the soul to have a human experience.  
One that squeezes you so much that the only way to find peace is to go within.

The earth will love you for it.  

'Earth, where peace can be found'.


Nicole Phoenix Starr.



  1. I loved reading through this piece. Beautifully and intelligently written from the heart. Thankyou._/\_

  2. Well said and with intelligence, thanks for the share <3 Kath <3