Saturday, 16 November 2013

Full Moons, Connecting to Crystals and a big chunk of Self-Love ………….. BOOM!

Day 6 ~ Blogging Challenge/Commitment.
Last night I had the divine pleasure of hosting some stunning ladies that I have in my life, that I love dearly, that love me and support me unconditionally always.  All these women are the embodiment of Living Shakti and a unimaginable purity is created when such gathers.  High vibrational energy field of respect, honor and companionship.

It was the first gathering I have created at my new home.  I was feeling a tad tired, recovering from pregnancy hormonal overload on my physicality as well as 4 wasp stings thrown in for good measure…. Yes I’m fine, life happens.  Moving on.

I asked them to bring with them some cushions to contribute to the sacred space in my home and some yummy food to share……. Wow what stunning offerings they bought.  The infusion of the energy created and their  intention has left me with a whole lot of gorgeousness and some.

Of course we had an abundance of organic and raw chocolate after our meal sharing.  (no brainer).

My sincerity to them joining me was a guided meditation, kundalini activation and crystal grid portal.

I have some pretty powerful crystals that have been through a lot of ceremony and a lot of sacred sites.  I created a grid and invited the women to add theirs in to supercharge them in there. 

Many felt 'snake like energy', this was the Kundalini energy I was sending through their bodies, into specific focused chakras through their heart centres.... lovingly and respectfully. The energy served as a multi-faceted intent; firstly to purify, harmonize and then energized the energy fields of human condition.

Goddess Kali had come to me in my preparation meditation beforehand during the afternoon, sometimes she uses my body as a vehicle, which often is insanely hardcore and I am very grateful that she just came thru the portal in to my body and then out to wisp through all and leave everyone with the gift of this full moon. Which happens to be late this Sunday night, tomorrow.
Kali is the Hindu Goddess who removes the ego and liberates the soul from the cycle of birth and death.   She gifted all the women with a completion of residual stuff they have been working on, on Sunday.  Created sensual grounded outcome for their souls.

“The Full Moon falls in Taurus, bringing into focus your ability to be sensuous and grounded, an excellent time to indulge the senses and pamper the physical body.  (Guess who is going to the Spa this afternoon).  The Full Moon in Taurus invites you to find a balance between the emotional depths of Scorpio and the sensual body wisdom of Taurus.” Another aspect I have been asked about of late is becoming unified with one’s own pendulum or crystal.  So now is a perfect time to share the basics of that:

Put your crystal out into the Full Moon and let the power of the moon charge it.  If you do this for an hour great, if you leave it out overnight, all the better.  You can do this monthly if you remember. 

After the initial charge, create a personal little ceremony with your piece.  There is no right or wrong here.  As long as your intention is pure, you will always make a strong connection.

Light some insense, maybe a candle, find a special spot.  Perhaps some music, maybe with your ceremonial things with you.   Again, know these things are very personal and unique, just like you.  So make your ceremony as you choose.

The specifics is to ‘connect with the divine, source, god, whatever your thing is’.  Expand your energy field to be vibrationally aligned with that connection.  Feeling the oneness.  Consciously open your heart space and then pick up your ‘piece’.  With a certainty and complete knowing, merge your energy with its energy.  Ensure at some stage during ‘your ceremony’, you bring it physically to your open heart and ‘know it is done’.

If you are using a pendulum, it will tell you what is YES, what is NO.  You simply ask it.  Sometimes a backwards and forward is a sign of Yes, sometimes and circle is a YES.  Ask your unique individual piece how it expresses Yes and No.  As we are all different and we are all energy, there is no difference with a crystal.

Enjoy the process and always have fun.    I actually have 10 Chakra Pendulums left in my online store, (which is physically held in Qld, Aust).  These pendulums come from India, have been through chakra activation ceremony with me.  They are free postage in Australia and cost $22.22 each.
You can either paypal me at or do a bank transfer and I will get one sent to you this week.  We did a stocktake last week, as I am doing all sorts of new things, and found these pendulums.  Awesome surprise.

Starr Trust Account -  National Aust Bank
BSB -  083 054
Account  191961276

Anyway…………………. That is all I have to share today…… I have many things to complete before I get to that spa.

Enjoy the fabulousness of the Full Moon and immerse yourself in some Yum.

Deep love and pure gratitude,

NikKaliStarr xo  ;)

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