Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Special Edition Blog - It’s all about VAGINAS.

I have some things to share with you about Being really Kind to your Vagina.......

Some of you know and some of you may know and some of you won’t have a clue….. For many years now I have had a close proximity to many vaginas.  (This is really funny to write).

About 6 years ago I invested in a Hair and Beauty salon with my cousin.  Funny enough when in small business you end up having to work it; rather than just flit in and out all day getting beautiful.  My primary role ended up being in the beauty side with permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation with an IPL Machine.  This is when my up close and personal time with other people’s vaginas started.  Permanent Hair removal of bikini lines and Brazilians, I got to see a few.  I assure you there is not two the same.  But I digress from todays blog… back on track.

About 2 years ago I was doing a Detox/Qigong 5 day workshop and was first introduced to the Jade Egg.  Immediate fascination to this magic thing.  I have always been a pelvic floor exercise queen, I have had 2 vaginal births, one being 5kg and I have always liked doing cartwheels and star jumps (guys just keep reading).  To find something that would enhance pelvic floor exercise time that would lead to a ‘very fit vagina’ was like gold to my ears.  I was  already extremely committed to my ‘internal health’ and this was taking it to a whole new level.  Problem was that the women on the course too saw the massive benefit of sticking a jade object in your vagina and squeezing it a lot.  The facilitator sold out by the time he got to me in the circle. 

I went straight online.  It was difficult to find them.  I could find them in Thailand and America but it all started looking extremely expensive.  So my superbrain, entrepreneurial mind kicked in.  My research started and eventually after a lot of time I found a stunning supplier in China that were generations old Chinese Medicine people that sourced the precious jade and manufactured themselves.  But I had to buy in BULK.   Well, I guess I will share this with all my girlfriends and anyone else that wants to listen, hopefully I will sell them all.  And so http://www.jadeeggsonline.com/ was born.  I threw together a website in 3 hours with a little info and a Buy Now button.  The rest is history.  Life changing moment.

The first time I finally got my hands on the eggs I made sure I was home alone.  I prepared the egg as per the instruction and I layed on my bed and ‘well put it in’.  OMFG………………………….. Um, the ‘chi energy’ in the jade and my energy field became one.  I was fully immersed in this whole new state.  I felt insanely feminine, yet totally empowered and as strong as a warrior.  I lay there feeling the powerful jade energy take me on a journey of complete divine soul empowerment.  It almost blew my mind…. Which fortunately kicked in at that moment and thought, Whoaaaaaaaaaaahhh, what was that?…. What am I doing?  Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m here to do some pelvic floor exercises, so I started moving the egg up and down.  Very quickly, my internal fitness changed and I was sold for life. 

I feel extremely lucky that this pregnancy (31 weeks this week) I have my ‘range’ of Jade eggs and preparing my birth is part of my daily practise.  But more on that in another blog………………… Today we talk about something else.

Menstruation, periods and more vaginal health.  I had been hearing about these new sanitary products for about 6 months.  A small re-usable cup that you use internally to capture the blood and it was taking the yogi world by storm.  I was in Thailand at a Tantra Yoga Ashram and I was in class one day and we had a presentation on the Menstrual Cup.  OMG…………… Genius, pure GENIUS. 
Of course, I could see this as an obvious accompaniment to the further love and care for vaginal health that was part of my mission it appeared.  (We also had a class on the Jade Egg and its benefits in Tantric practise.  A lot more on that too in a later blog and in my Tantric online teachings).  Shhhhh, back to the cups.

The evidence was startling.  So many of todays tampons and pads are bleached, prepared to look so pretty using chemicals and nasty processes.  And we are putting these inside our bodies or against our bodies and ABSORBING them.  Wondering why our lady parts are getting more and more riddled with cancer and more cysts, disease and drama is going on. 

We are also polluting our environment, these things don’t break down too easy.  It takes quite awhile for them to biodegrade.  So let’s talk Cotton Tampons.  Great idea, until we started seeing BIG internal problems here.  The filaments of the cotton fall away very easily, attaching themselves to the cervix and using it as a healthy breeding ground to grow lots of nasty things to make your insides a big painful mess.  The cotton tampons actually are more harmful than the chemically made standard tampon.  Toxic Shock Syndrome anyone?

And so we come now to the Menstrual cup, a medical grade silicone/latex free completely healthy alternative.  They can last up to 10 years if cared for correctly.  Can you imagine the savings.  You won’t have to continue to the tax man every month for simply having the need to bleed. 

For all the benefits and all the info, go have a read over at the new website I am launching today.  http://www.menstrualcupsonline.com/  The Starr Cup has changed lives very quickly.  Everyone that has been using them in the last few months of research and development has been raving about them.  One of my girls, wants to marry her Starr Cup. 

There are so many other benefits too, which I will go into detail in further sharing.  One incredible one that I will quickly share is it can ‘help you get pregnant’.  After you have made love to your partner and he has deposited semen inside you, (necessary ingredient when trying to get pregnant), you stay laying down, and insert the moon cup.  No sperm can escape!!!!!  Keep the cup in for up to 12 hours.  The women that I have come across that have done this in R&D, have now bouncing babies.  After years of trying to have a baby.  (Note: man not necessary.  Turkey basters work well too if man not available).

So, I think that is enough talk of the Divine Sacred Vagina.  The home of creation.  Womens sacred parts have gotten all a bit mixed up over the last 100 years or so.  Some of us have forgotten the power and beauty of our bodies.   The practise of honouring has been lost.  You can take back some of that by being a little kinder to your insides and simply not damaging them by unconscious means.  And men, if you reading this, share it with your women.  For I know!!! When women have healthier, more vital and harmonious insides, the man seems to by default  benefit too.  These products have made big differences in relationships.  More love and lovemaking in the world has got to raise the vibration of harmony I reckon. 

Wishing you all a stunning day.

Nik.  xo

Please contact me if you have any questions at all, or there are Question sheets on the Website as well as FAQs.  http://www.menstrualcupsonline.com/

Caring for the global gals bits.  One vagina at a time.

Hahahahhaa…… did I mention how hilarious it was writing this blog. 

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