Monday, 2 October 2017

Why am I here on earth?

I have a QUESTION FOR "YOU" !!!  
Why are we here?
How often do you ask yourself that question?
Imagine if you asked yourself that question every single morning and deeply considered it. Like Deeply considered it.
 I woke up this morning and the first post on my newsfeed was by a friend in Vegas who was at the concert where there was mass shootings, he gave a full recount of their escape and how he lost his wife for some time and was reunited with her and then finally safe in their home. It was like reading a script of a movie. Heart thumping, anticipation, energy rising. This was real life, just hours before. 
This is our world and the dark stuff has been around since the beginning of time. Humans killing each other and doing ghastly things. 
Like what is the actual purpose?
Power and sickness!!!
Same same spectrum.
In fact it is always.... DISCONNECTION.
I've been considering this a lot of late.
 Two blocks from my house on the path to the supermarket there is a Methadone Clinic in between a Convenience store and Pharmacy. I see many of it's clients out the front leaning on the sidewalk garden box smoking. Chatting amongst themselves. I look into their vacant eyes and I see their fractured energy field, their dull aura and their sunken shoulders.
I smile and acknowledge them every time. It's probably rare, most people look the other way.
So I consider what's going on there often.
As I consider what's going on for our entire human race.
As I consider what's going on for me.
 It's all the same and everyone is at some individual point along the connection~disconnection spectrum.
What is the purpose/point of this human life, on this planet earth, at this time?
Like REALLY, What IS the Point/Purpose of it?
This is the biggest question we should be asking ourselves.
And the answer is NOT to be successful, that interpretation is steeped in separation of society created idealisms.
The answer is NOT to help others, that is easy, helping others is easy. That's sneaky ego wanting to feel good about itself 'helping others'.
(Helping others genuinely occurs as the consequence of helping yourself).
The point of life is Connection and that is NOT to each other. Connection to each other is the BRIDGE.
The Bridge to get self into a state of pure connection to All, to the entirety of 'consciousnessness'.
The ultimate goal (if we are talking current language; goals and such), is to be connected into the collective cosmos. Which is so big for so many to even consider.
When one is CONNECTED into the natural field of consciousness there is no separation, one Knows that we are a big collective of atoms vibrating at different levels experiencing everything as their own. 
When one is Aware and in the Knowing, one does not feel alone, does not feel sad, does not feel isolated. One will feel compassion, empathy and understanding. 
 The fight is not segregation, that's separation and further away from 'the goal'. 
By being a living example of Connection is the most effective way of helping others. It shows them another way of being. More walk, less talk. 
And by holding a safe container of this example is how the helping can occur.
It's such a long massive road ahead.
 Have you noticed it's through disaster, trauma, deaths, shootings, hurricanes, volcanos that community come together. Isn't that interesting. Yet when all is running smoothly, we don't even talk to our neighbours. Disconnection.
So the universal collective creates these events to try and create a sense of connection for the human race to remember the point, the purpose.
If we can help each other we might consider what life means. Why we are here?
Are we in the mindset yet? What is the point of all this?
Imagine this: you Know that you are a part of this entire Multi-verse, within this current universe of the uncountable cosmos of the trillions of billions of universes. On this tiny planet in this solar system and you are a 'piece of all that.' You are an aspect of that contained (literally) inside your current human body. That is what you are. A manifestation of consciousness experiencing itself as a human person.
Running around trying to find a partner, work your heart out to make enough money to measure some sort of human success and inside you are feeling alone, depressed and angry at all that has happened to you. You are disconnected. Something bad happens you come together with others, you feel connected. That is the bridge. The point is to always feel connected to this whole. 
To remember who you are. 
To remember What you are. 

This is so much bigger than our human minds can fathom, so we stay small. We stay singular and all alone. No matter who or how many are around us. The mind tells you stories which are the mind of the entire planet. Fear, fear, fear. Separate from the badies. Kill the enemy. Blah blah blah.... imagine for one moment, if every one took a good deep consideration to why they were here. 
And stepped into the Response-ability to that why. 
And only worried about their own sanity and state of mind. And what needed to happen for them to re-connect with the whole. 

The fractured field of this planet would start re-connecting with itself and the threads of humanity would start to support itself and well, I'm sure you can see where this may go.
Yet we are more disconnected than any time before. EVER. Fear and control are rife. We have so called more freedom but we don't. The illusion is rife.
The only sovereignty one can have is inner freedom. 
To be free of fear. 
To truly know that this is all an aspect of evolution for consciousness. You are currently playing out this part of it. In this perceived time. Thanks to gravity we FEEL it all. That's the gig with gravity you can feel. It's a gift but it's a hell for so many. 
The go to; is escape it, get away from it... as far away as possible, (the opposite of connection). The pharmaceuticals send people into cocktails of disconnect, the drugs, the booze, the distractions, the everything that takes the self away from the remembering. 
This is the illusion being fed, to help and support is the very thing that is cutting the connection. 

If we can take one step today. 

And deeply consider your belief, thoughts and true feelings. On Why are we here? 
What is the big massive giant ungraspable point of this insane world on this massively tiny planet? 

Why am I here? 
Contemplation station......

Love, Nicole Phoenix Starr.
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