Thursday, 31 December 2015

Invitation to join my online Temple in the New Year.


I've been thinking as this year comes to an end where I was a year ago.  I actually find it very difficult to comprehend it was just a year ago.  

I am steeped in a state of joy in this reflection.  I could never of believed myself if I told myself what would unfold.  And yet it all feels like a deep deep knowing of alwaysness.

I am starting the new year in service.  I have a courageous soul ask to start first thing January 1 for a Soul Immersion.  I'm super excited to be diving deep in ceremony, evolution and divinity from the first minute of the year.

Possibly the most beautiful thing that happened last year was a 3 month long journey.  With a group of truly amazing women from all walks of life, at very different stages of their path.  It was INTENSE.  It was heartbreaking (opening).  It was wild.  It was the perfect expression of the divine in action.  It was the biggest honor to hold impeccable space for this beauties.  I have never witnessed such evolution that I can recall within any lifetime.  

I've had women tell me that the work must continue, they were not stopping here.  And so alas, the next 3 month journey.... 'Insert singing angels in my ears'..... will begin the week of February 1st.  I've had a few come in already, through people that shared their experience.  So now I am putting it out to you all here.

You can read some reflections in there of a few experiences.   The little they could manage to articulate.  You can find the basic outline of the 'how'.  You can find how to contact me to apply.  You can make an appointment to have a skype call about it or email me direct.  It's all here in this link.

I would like to offer you all my blessings and prayers as you cross into the new year.  You don't need resolutions.  We are the most important person to keep agreements with and the easiest person to shrug off. This year think about the value of your word. Simply Honour that!

2016..... We were born for these times.

I see you.
I honour you.
I treasure you.
I love you.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Ommmmmmmm......

Durgaji Jero Nicole.


A sweet reflection: 
Reflections about my journey with Nicole Phoenix Starr
Wow, Where to begin!
How about with the very first week as that is where you helped me to feel more safe, and checked in with my security around having my needs met after my recent transition to Ubud. I didn’t have an income at the time we started and that contributed to my feelings of lack. So having a goddess Lakshmi just gave me such a focus for me to manifest abundance, build a ritual around, remind myself daily to cultivate and honour abundance.
The energy of my altar was not brought to a new vibration.
I took on the challenge of hosting with airbnb.
Every session just brought clarity around information/emotions that I suppressed. Asked myself such hard questions and shared my voice, my findings so openly with you, so that I had witnesses and commitment to move on and shift these blocks.
I mean I knew I had blocks, been working on them for years, yet this process produced transparency at another level.
I possess trust, I know my passions better than I have ever explored, I realize why I feel so powerless and am ready to shift this pattern. Definitely feel more empowered in my recently birthed Warrior archetype. And now have my warrior mountain bike chariot that can get me to work in 15 minutes!
My heart has learned to receive and wants to try out pouring unconditional love.
I no longer pine for my past love, nor feel I need “another” to complete me. However if a magician or a farmer came round…
My voice still shakes with emotion around certain issues however I keep talking and know that I am an emotional being and that even when I speak with vulnerability, I will demonstrate strength.
I experience consciousness at a deeper level, experience being, and am aware how much I love this way of living.
My third eye and crown chakra are so much more open since a meditation practice has resumed again in my life.
I am so much more in tune with my archetypes since exploring how they enhance my consultancy role. I have purified and realized how ritual and routine feeds my spirit. I have new tools to feed my spirit.
I feel so grateful that I have given myself this year as a gift, and this practice working with you is the highlight of it all. How could I not, how could I have even questioned the possibility for even a moment is so beyond, behind me now.
Looking forward to blossoming with you in the future…                                                        
Sandee..... Canada/Bali

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