Saturday, 30 March 2013

Zero Separation, Unity, ONEness, Dissolving Duality, all that stuff.

Zero Separation, Unity, ONEness, Dissolving Duality, all that stuff.

Obviously we are individual human beings containing a soul; sharing an experience on earth currently at this time.

And what is the purpose of that.  The most common answer to that is; to learn lessons, evolve from the experiences and get closer to the ultimate goal, Enlightenment.

So what is enlightenment?

  • The attainment of spiritual knowledge or insight, esp. (in Buddhism) that which frees a person from the cycle of rebirth.
  • Enlightenment is man's release from his self-incurred tutelage. Tutelage is man's inability to make use of his understanding without direction from another.
  • Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-imposed nonage. Nonage is the inability to use one's own understanding without another's guidance.
  • The Sanskrit word for enlightenment is "bodhi" which means "awakened." But awakened to what?
  • The only true answer to the question is to realize enlightenment. Short of that, we must come up with provisional answers that, the teachers tell us, do not really do justice to enlightenment.
My perception of enlightenment is that you have reached a state that your soul was intended for.  Which is to be the image of God.  (or whatever name you want to call it/him/her/whatever).  I believe that our human minds don't have the capacity to fully understand exactly what that means.  With my limited human mind, I feel that as the great masters that example for us, we get closer and closer to a true state of oneness.  The energy and vibration of the souls continue to rise until they no longer need the groundedness of earth to learn and evolve.  That is why we are constantly being 'tested' and challenged and given opportunities for our souls to respond.  God and the universe are never mean or unfair or unkind, indeed the opposite.  The sooner we understand this and embrace it, the less difficult it will be.  

And yes its easy to say, and yes life is hard.  That is the point.  How you respond is your answer to the question of the examination given to your soul.

The main cause of reliving these lessons (sometimes over and over again) is attachment. 

  • Caring what other people think of you.
  • Having to be right.
  • Expectations.
  • Desiring a specific outcome and when it's different; misery is created.
  • Living in the past or the future.

Being detached allows the space for the divine flow to occur.  Simply going with the flow in acceptance and understanding creates growth.

How we respond is the key:

  • Acceptance
  • Compassion
  • Love
  • Politeness
  • Integrity
  • Being humble
  • Respect
  • Sharing
Being able to see beyond your own self as a bigger picture and having an understanding that through this self-responsibility we create unity and oneness.

Living in awareness of our vibration is one way.  If we are upset, in a state of hate or negativity we are contributing to the universal energy pool which lowers it.  Obviously through the laws of polarity, if we are in a open loving state of self responsibility our contribution is raising the collective consciousness.  The effects are very real. 

Further to this is the big point, which is described as Zero Separation.  Which is a consequence of enlightenment.  And when understood it dissolves this constant feeling of duality.  As human nature is the basis of.  Mine, me, you, her, him.  Polarity is very different to duality.  Polarity is the purpose for the understanding of reference.  You could not feel cold if you didn't know what it was to feel hot.  You wouldn't know light if you had never experienced dark, as you could never feel love without feeling fear.

With zero separation, you feel everything.  At anytime; beyond the confines of need, want or desire.

I'll explain how I first came about this concept. 

My partner died suddenly one day and for three years I was 'managing' the loss. Many times during those years, he would visit me which eased the feelings of separation and time of course assisted greatly.  One day he came to me in a moment of grief and explained to me that there is no need to ever be sad, there is zero separation, we are all a collective consciousness of energy and have access to all and everything at any time.  With all the energy work I had been doing and all the searching and studying I had been indulging in, I was able to grasp this concept clearly.  Putting into practise was a little more difficult for this mere human.  Through persistence and will, I was able to experience his wisdom.  I applied it effectively with my children who live most of their time currently in a different country.  I was able to do this in many areas of my life and over time as most humans due we become a little complacent and forget things. 

The principal was bought to my attention again very recently.  Which is a little ironic.  It was this understanding that lead me to opening my heart again to another human being.  On receiving this insight about zero separation I went into a relationship with a divine man that I had spent months previously with journeying the spiritual realms as friends.  Six months later it appeared our expiration date had arrived.  I found myself in a state of sadness and mourning.  I put myself in a secluded sabbatical 5 star resort and rested. Indulging in Moon ceremony, meditation and silence. I was floating around in the pool staring up at the sky one day there.  I suddenly felt a deep connectedness to my environment, I breathed deeper, I felt a oneness with the sky, the trees, the water and my recent beloved.  There in that moment Zero Separation occurred.  There was no joy, no pain, no love, no fear, there was the totality of BEing.  Totally connected in universal unity.  Everything was the void, the vortex, the space, the nothingness, the truth was vibrating through my physical body.  I felt a cellular shift and since that moment, every time my patterning tried to elude me back to conditioning, I just thought about that moment in the pool and BOOM!!! the vibration of Zero Separation flooded my being instantly.  My mourning for ALL was over.  I had the choice to access this anytime or get lost in the mind story anytime.

I then had another opportunity to practise this process.  There was a deadline with some of my students to report their previous weeks accountability sheets and exercises.  Some of them didn't get them in on time.  I felt an annoyance within me.  Which I felt further into.  It presented itself as 'rejection'.  I gave totally of my time and was always there on time for them and they didn't respect me enough to do the same and therefore my self worth felt rejected.  Fascinating I thought.  An attachment had arisen which wasn't about commitment but my own stuff.  Once again I felt into this with the remembrance of Zero Separation and was able to take the focus away from me and into the situation.  Which was merely that, one instance in one moment.  That I then was able to deal with if from a far more integrious place.  Love, compassion and politeness.  I spoke to those that were not on time and the highest good became the outcome. Amazing and wonderful for all involved.

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So now I am consciously in awareness, seeing everyone and everything as an extension of my energy field, a morphing of the oneness and a consequence of each other and all things.

It's important in understanding all of this, that it's essential we have goals and plans and action.  For they are the tools that give us the lessons in life of success and failure.  Disappointments and Ecstatic moments are reflections of how we did in our examinations.  Which can be taken in many ways.  If you take them personally then you are still attached to outcomes.  It's natural to feel sad or disappointed.  It just shows you things that you need to work on.  Joy and wonder are great references of doing a great job.

Getting bogged down in the drama story or lost in the euphoric highs, is once again an attachment and fuel for your ego.  Ego is the thing that keeps you separate from all.  It can be used wisely if understood, ie,
the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. With this in mind and respecting that it is part of the makeup for the process of evolution of the soul it can be used effectively and not as a hindrance.

So in conclusion, being responsible for your vibration and practising awareness of your environment you can make your life lessons and tests easier if you chose.  That's the wonder of this thing called human life, we have choice in everything, even though it may not seem that way at times.  How we respond is the exact choice in response to what our soul is trying to learn.  Keeping that in mind we are more equipped to finding a level of ease and grace through our daily lives.

This is my perception anyway.  How I find I easiest learn things, is to take the information that is presented to me and take the resonance to my being.  To apply what I see and feel as a personal truth and then transformation occurs.  Each person has a unique experience in every single moment of their lives and cannot be expected to do the same as everyone else.  Yet can recognize that the response has an affect on every single soul.  It's truly fascinating and expansive for our human minds to integrate.  But with everything a little practise and intention, anything at all is possible.  If you can conceive it you can achieve it.


Much love and gratitude,