Monday, 11 November 2013

NikStarr is getting candid, more open ~ 11 Day Blog Challenge starting on the 11/11 at 11.11am.

11 Day Blog Challenge starting on the 11/11 at 11.11am.

For the next 11 days I am making a serious commitment.  A commitment to write every day in m blog.  I am doing this challenge with my lovely live in PA, Hayley Weatherburn.  She is spending a month with me here in my home in Ubud Bali.  Expanding my businesses as my belly expands during this last trimester of my pregnancy.  So much happening in the land of NikStarr.  I wake up every morning like an excited little kid anticipating the new day.

                                                                                                  28 weeks pregnant.

I have intended on Blogging more regularly for a long time but life gets in the way, all the time.  Which is ‘such a story’.  I still manage to pretty much make time each day to eat, brush my teeth, meditate, shower, unconscious daily activities.  Surely I can make a commitment to writing a little something every day.  I have managed to meditate every day for a very long time.  I made a decision, I found massive value in the decision and I followed through.  So as I sit here reflecting on all that, I see that now indeedy is the time to be a Blogging Committer.  So for the next 11 days, I will write a blog, publish it and add this task to my daily practise.

The blog can be about anything, of any length BUT one must Not go over 33 minutes of actual blog writing.  One can get lost in writing, perfecting, the day has passed and the attachment to the content, perception or more story takes you down the rabbit hole. 

This will be good practise of daily writing, something that I have to seriously get more practised in as well as disciplined with.  My book, is not writing itself, nor is the folders of starts, content, structure, part chapters etc doing anything productive.  I set the intention of writing my book this year, but again, life kinda got in the way.  I have spent a lot of time traveling this year, making massive commitments and growing human beings.  I didn’t plan most of these things but found the divine path was very clear in which plan my soul had signed up for.

I’m not exactly sure of what I will be sharing.  Probably a whole lot of Nikland stuff.  The daily adventures that take me many places, physically and energetically.   I have 1 new product that I will be launching and a day trip to Singapore for a visa run in there too.  As usual, what I need to share will become very evident to me. 

There is never a lack of content to share in my life.  I am truly blessed by an incredible life, that I set up.  That is a consequence of my actions and is part of my karma due to the massive work I do on my soul evolution.  I am not lucky, I am a product of taking this human incarnation very seriously with extreme gratitude and humble awareness.  It’s been a long insane journey of incredible pain and crazy times coupled with deep depression and long periods of boredom.  I’m a fairly feisty thing, that has learnt to harmonize life’s ‘challenges’ (replace with ‘gifts’ when you can).  I am in the most wonderful positioning that I am able to assist other souls in their journey called life and with great honor I do so.

A consequence of service comes recognition.  Something that never occurred to me when all this naturally unfolded.  I did not plan on becoming a spiritual master, although I do remember day dreaming about being a she-shaman for many moons as a young girl.  Thoughts do create reality, sometimes it takes a long while, and sometimes it looks very different to what you imagine.  In the last few days I was humble by such a consequence.  Well in fact there have been two such events.

The first came last Thursday, I was at a ceremony up the north of Bali.  Honoring the Goddess of the South Sea, I had some friends and new students joining me to participate and enjoy the evening.  During the meditation the High Priestess, handed me a large bamboo stick and a sacred rock.   Some pretty trippy stuff happened within my soul, but that’s a long story perhaps for another time.  At the end of the ceremony she bought out the stick and said to me.  This may just look like a stick of ordinary bamboo, but I assure you it is not.  She lifted it up and it had a piece of bamboo growing through it to create a seal.  No negative energy from below can enter your stick; she said.  She showed it was hollow at the top;  all the positive energy can flow in from here.  She then went on to laugh, saying she personally had gone out into the bamboo jungle with a hacksaw (guided by some gods of somesort) in search of this bamboo stick.  The stick of Leadership, she told me.  It had a ceremonial ribbon on it and she had done quite a bit of work with it.  I took the stick from her with great humility and seriousness of the moment.  My stick has been quite ‘interesting’ in my life since then 4 days on, I have named my stick ‘Boo’.  I very much like my stick…..

The second beautiful thing I experienced came via FB, as it often does.  A friend request from a beautiful holy man that sings divine Kirtan, he quickly started chatting, saying that he had seen my picture on the altar at the Oneness University Ashram.  I thought he meant the division here in Ubud, that he had a met a friend of mine but could not recall her name.  A little curious, I didn’t think too much of that.  Then I received a FB message from this friend, regarding raising money for a friend in need.  She incidentally told me that she had placed a picture of me, on the altar at the Oneness University Ashram in India.  That perhaps of late I have felt a little more blessed.  That the whole global Oneness community had been sending me prayers and love.  I read what she wrote again, my heart thumped, my eyes welled up and thought ‘oh my god’, that is incredible.  I wrote back, thanked her for her selfless kindness and thoughtfulness.  I asked about the man, she told me of the meeting.  She said, that it was something that she did without thinking too much, that I who  gives so much without expecting anything, deserves such a grand gesture.  I closed my eyes, thanked the divine, send you so much love and then took a moment to acknowledge myself for the consequence of service to others with zero expectation from humanity.  It’s a fascinating path and I am so looking forward to sharing Nik-isms and Nik land. 

Bows in reverence to all souls, especially those humans on earth right now sharing this incarnation with me.  I see you all.

Much love and gratitude,

Nik.  xo


  1. Victoria Millar-Wise11 November 2013 at 22:08

    go go go.....Love it up shining syncho siStar

  2. I can't wait to read your book when it comes through.