Saturday, 26 December 2015

Journeying with my Prophetess.

The path of the Living God*dess.
Remembering who you are...
QUEST: The search. ION: to enter into.

I met my PROPHETESS some months back. She lives within me. She spends a lot of time in alternate dimensions. She takes me on journeys when I am silent. She is powerful and I enjoy very much when she visits my present moment.
(For those who took the Soul Council Guided Meditation I gifted recently, you experienced her as the channel of that recording, if you wish to have the link click here).

I find myself pondering at times. The search begins {Quest} and she takes me deep deep within {Ion}.

Over the last few days she has shown me the links of the last few years, the specific initiations that lead to my path of Priestess. The initiations that I was thrust upon, unprepared for; I became very aware this was what lead to the total state of dis-membering of my entire being. I had to dis-member to re-member.

My Prophetess took me as the witness of these personal initiations for me to re-member and prepare me for my next unfolding. I observed the innocence in my eyes from just a few years back. I witnessed a courageous woman who had given up everything. I SEE now all the intense, often insane events I was thrust into were divinely aligned initiations.

I feel rather fragmented today, 2 nights with electricity black outs, wild storms and deep journeying with the Prophetess.... I know that it is in this state I am primed for the next expansion point. Perturbation pops and she unfolds.

This human experience is steeped in such beauty, especially through the cadence of awakening. I adore right now, the invitation stretches me, I am being guided with such grace and wisdom through the chasms of my souls path. Divine Dimension Dancing. <3

It is in the quiet times. In the Silence so much arises.
Gift yourself a sit in silence.
I invite you to journey within on a quest with your wise self.
The Full Moon fuels you and Spirit loves you. <3

As do I. <3

~~ Durgaji Jero Nicole.

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