Saturday, 12 December 2015

12/12 Truth Incubator

12/12 Gateway..... Through to Solstice 21/12. 
Truth Incubator ❣❣❣

This month of December is never restful, this years December promises to be anything but. 
~~ this incubator time will bring the opportunity for divine truth to arise. 
Your truth may be very different to someone else's truth. The is why we must be clear this time is very personal., 
Facing ones own truth; self denial is never helpful. Ignorance is not bliss.
This incubator will hold you to SEE your truth and offer you to embody such peaking at Solstice.

Why not!!! Sounds incredibly timely. No more sugar coating self BEing.,
Hold impeccable space for self in the Truth Incubator.
You were born for these times!!!

The cosmic setup ~ co-creation that you did sign up for.

InJoy these 10 days 😳🙃😍

~Durgaji Jero Nicole

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