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Surrender vs Union....... A spiritual path of Nothing.

Surrender vs Union

~Surrender to the divine.

~Complete Union with divine.

I know when I was going into my initiation at the cave in Bali with Swami it was an epic call to Surrender.  I was walking the ancient White Tantra Hindu Path.  It was the Dakini within me that took the steps to the line of Surrender.  I walked out of that Initiation the embodiment of Durga.

I know when I was sitting in Satsang with Swamiji in Thailand at the Ashram that it was a call of Union.  As I gasped my last breath I stepped towards the feet of God and sat there and made a commitment to walk this path ALL IN.  This lead me to my Guru initiating me as a Priestess just over a year later.

I first learnt what a call to surrender looked like.  (Well as I was about to write what I will write I recognized several times before that that the ‘call to surrender’ visited me).

The first time that I felt tangible traditional surrender was when I was thrust into an arena by my Master to face 5 men in trance holding ancient swords.  They ran at me with the intention of full bodily penetration.  Two mangkus holding back both of my arms, direct hit to my solar plexus.   You can read the whole story click here.
I knew life or death was the option in that nano-second.  I surrendered to the moment and found faith (in me).

After that incident they just kept coming.  Again and again, everything was stripped away from me.  Mostly it was incredibly painful or so it seemed to my human self.  The more I surrendered into the path the harder it got.  

There was no turning back now.  I started seeing that my surrender was indeed a union with the divine.  I was dissolving separation.  Surrender always seemed like an away from concept.  Union a toward to concept.  I realize now I was surrendering my concept of the ‘I’, the concept of the me, the concept that is ego.  Stripping away my grasp on attachments and desires.

I finally settled on surrendering to Union.  Which has become my path of Mahamudra ~ the mastery of the divine union within.

I’ve never been more fulfilled in my life.  I never feel lonely.  I have no concept of emptiness.  It just simply isn’t there.  I know its meaning.  Very well, I experienced those most of my life.  Not now.

On deep meditative contemplation that which arises; ‘at the core of everything is nothing at all. Nothing.  No thing.’

In nothingness exists capacity.  Potential requires space to grow.  The deeper you go the more you awaken.

It is through giving up everything and having nothing.  You can access Everything.  

I remember when I arrived at ‘no thing’.  It was a relief.  I had finally let it all go.  I gave up the fight.  There was no fight.  There was just acceptance of what is.  Of meeting all that came.  And it always keeps coming.  

When one gives up everything, one arrives at liberation from illusion.  We’re not alive until we know what we will die for.  Then the realization that death is a mere concept.  Another chapter of eternity.  Death is a condition for humans to release attachment.  The soul releases attachment from the body.  Those left behind are gifted the lesson of releasing attachment to the human and eternal love of the soul.

There’s an illusion we pick up as we cross the River of Forgetfulness on our journey to earth.  The illusion that we need to be something.  Returning to source, no thing.  We can do, be, have anything.  Limitless light BEing.

The delusion of sitting around doing ‘nothing’ creates more suffering.  The work is constant, the human purpose is to clear all these concepts here on earth.  

Peace is indeed an inside Job.  As is Bliss, ecstasy, liberation, freedom and LOVE. ~~ Durgaji Jero Nicole.

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