Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Gift to YOU....... Link Inside.

And then it was December...

Dearest Beloved,

Firstly, my gift to you.
Here is my latest Guided Meditation.
It's a powerful journey to visit your Soul Council.

I recorded it for my Online Temple peeps as part of our journey work and the other day I was in some meditation somewhere and it became very clear that I was to gift it out and share it with all my beloveds.   It's a beautiful process, I hope you enjoy it.
Feel free to write me and tell me all about your experience.

Here's the direct instant link for you.....
 'just click right here.'

Ohhhh December; we are settling into this latest chapter.  Staff changes here as well.... The last full moon was very much about Support and this has realigned for us.  Things are now more so in flow and settled.

The wifi is still not quite in the flow/settled state but there is indeed a giant big light at the end of the tunnel.

This week the last of the Online Temple ladies will be finishing up.  I can't believe it's been 3 months already.  It feels like maybe 3 years of divine incredible journeying aka time space continuim.  It has been beyond words for me..... the places we have gone and the courage I have seen is breathtaking.  I'm so excited to offer this 3 month journey again starting February 1st.  


I'm taking all my family and staff up to the temple this New Moon to pray together.  They are very sweetly excited and anticipating our first ceremony together.  I have a lot of temple action these coming weeks.

I've been journeying within of late with my 'Inner Prophetess' this is wild territory that I will write more about later.
This message is to share my gift with you.

On that note I will leave you to get on with your Decemberness....... please be mindful of your energy field at this time too.  It can get a little frantic 'out there'.  Remember to take care of you.    

Durgaji Jero Nicole
Hindu Priestess, Spiritual Teacher, White Tantra Master, Writer.

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