Monday, 21 December 2015

Solstice December 2015 ~ The Solstice Stripline.

SOLISTICE STRIPLINE... Out of the Truth Incubator. ! ? ! confused emoticon
Here we are at the long and the short of it. Summer/Winter Solstice.
The peaking, ebbing, flowing........ the eternal cadence of life on the cyclic planet we adorn.
So....... what's todays message then?
That Truth Incubator has been rather intense, nothing unusual these days.... we just regroup and find our footing and another layer comes in. Welcome to Earth School 2015, we signed up for this mission, no more mucking around.
The words Solstice Stripline flew out my fingers earlier and I had to google stripline as my human gave a little 'huh'?.......
In summation: 'A transmitter with no cut-off frequency'...
Jesus, Joseph and Mary.... what does that mean? Obviously more intensity. Not all intensity is painful or even difficult. Sometimes it's actually brilliant. Illuminative even. The capacity to hold unlimited frequency. Well that excites the hell out of me. In my ridiculous shattered exhausted human current condition I am getting excited about unlimited frequency....
A solstice is always a new beginning portal. It's a constant. As in it happens twice a year. It's not like a reset, more like a newness.
I was inundated with people feeling 'off' yesterday, enough to message me. An uncomfortable stirring....... This is Good. Feel your Feelings.
Use the energy of today to access universal energy VERY SPECIFICALLY.
Don't be at the mercy of anything and everything.... Be very specific on this Solstice to access the energies of the highest frequencies aligned with your soul. Invite them in to your field and integrate .... BOOM!!!!....
ALLOW with faith and trust in YOURSELF.... in this process. heart emoticon
You have access to levels you never knew were available before..... And as a conduit of the feminine essence in your current form, NOW in this Stripline you can experience...... experience a tangible incredible REMEMBERING.... Which has no conscious picture or containment.... heart emoticon
* Sit in meditation.
* Access the Solstice Stripline with the highest frequencies aligned to your soul.
* Activate Gratitude.
* Be !!!
Transmission over..... {Falls backwards, breathes deeply}.
Journey well heart emoticon
~ Durgaji Jero Nicole.

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