Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hello World.... I introduce to you LeoAnanda, my latest co-creation.

He's here.................for those who may not of noticed.  

I introduce my latest incredible co-creation.

LeoAnanda Ganesh Chamba Kuanga Starr

I was talking to my son Harley Luther Starr about his little brothers new name given by a Tibetan Buddhist Lama last week.  I said to Harley, maybe when you come to Bali soon that you can get a spiritual name, he said; Mumma, nah its ok, I'm not gonna be that guy left standing still saying my name after every one has left, my brother is gonna be 'that guy'.  But it's ok, I will always wait for him.  We laughed and laughed and laughed..... LeoAnanda is going to be 'that guy'.  His big brother Harley, will always have his back.

The Tibetan buddhist part of Leo's name is CHAMBA KUANGA (pron. Kunga). 

Kuanga is the Tibetan word equivalent to the sanskrit "Ananda", and together, Chamba Kuanga means "one who is loved by all".

13 days ago today, I was in quite a situation. Basically, I was birthing my third child into the world at my home here in Ubud.  In a sunken outdoor tub, surrounded by deity statues, and the best midwife team I could've wished for.

LeoAnanda (pron. Leo-A-nun-dah) wasn’t in the greatest hurry, surprisingly. My next blog will be of a detailed recap of the birth, (will come with a warning of such), so will go into all the details then, another fabulous NikStarr story to be told.

LeoAnanda means Brave Lion Heart Bliss.

Ganesh is his Hindu name; as a student of a Hindu Swami into my soul purpose through the teachings of Shiva and Durga, (Ganesha is one of their sons). My tantric path has taken me on a wild unimaginable journey of burning karma, masses of blessons, divine union with the creator, unconditional unity and a big surprise child.................. there are no plans in this life, if we try, God just laughs and does whatever the divine plan calls for.  Lucky I am very good at going with the flow now.

Starr is my name and the name of my children, Ruby and Harley.

We are all having the most wonderful time.  It helps when you know what you are doing and are not stressed and know that in a blink this little soul will be off running to school, so treasuring every moment.

It's hilarious having another bubba around.....I am totally loving it.  I thought I would really like it, but I am really really really really really LOVING IT.

Leo, had his first public event last week, where we had a special guest talk of the previous said Lama.

So, currently my life revolves around boobs, poop and snuggles.  Fortunately, I am a trained baby whisperer, I didn't sleep for 6 months when I first had Ruby, 14 years ago, so we went to sleeping school....Harley didn't have a chance, he's still a super sleeping machine.  So, strangely I have been getting more sleep in these past 2 weeks than I have in the last 4 months.  Knowledge, prayer, meditation and detachment really can be applied to every part of life....

I am following the Hindu tradition of staying home for 42 days after birth, a gift to myself and LeoAnanda.  I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now.

Rach has been here for a month and leaves Saturday, although I am going to miss her, I am full of insane gratitude for her selfless gift of being with us at this time.

LeoAnanda will be exposed to a very different life than my big kids were, I
have the strong philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child, so he is one fortunate soul being given such a life.  This kid has got good karma.

And I am a truly blessed being that this soul picked me to be his Mumma.  I am so excited about this journey.  The big kids are coming very soon and we shall be a big new family,  (they are so so so excited),  the divine plan is certainly giving me such expression of Love.  I bow in reverence with an open heart and eternal gratitude.

I have had such incredible support, love, gifts and expressions from so many, I thank YOU, for being part of my world and sharing this all with me.


Nik.  xo


  1. It was an absolute honour to be with you as you brought this divine angel into the world. I love you all infinitely xooxxo

  2. i loooove reading about this.. and your gorgeous friend coming all the way from India.. and the little 'instagramable' pics of your sweet little boy in his clothes with messages hahahaaaaa. I LOVE YOU TOOO. yummy hugs all round xoxoxo