Monday, 3 August 2015

A Living Prayer.

A Living Prayer ~ heart emoticon

I'm feeling uber vulnerable and very human today in the most exquisite possible way.
Four and a half years ago my life had just flipped not upside down but inside out. Today I walked a vision I saw in my minds eye from 5 years ago that seemed completely unimaginable in this life time. 
I'd stopped wishing and trying a long time ago.... yet here I sit at my computer in reflection, reverence and total awe for my reality today. I have sat at the feet of Gurus and I have bowed at the feet of God and I have surrendered my human experience and I have called in death. I have let my shattered heart break so far open that I can only coin the phase that; I am ~ A Living Prayer...... heart emoticon

Every single moment for me is a divine blessing... ALL OF IT.

I have visited Hell way too many times; I thought so often I was such a slow learner. Yet it was those very visits that I embodied the Phoenix I am and they were the exact places I learnt my grandest blessons. I sit here in my skin and it's a beautiful place I hardly recognize the woman from back then. I love her dearly for she is the most courageous human I know. My Now is here and today I sit and breathe a whole lot deeper knowing today is the consequence of my BEing.


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