Friday, 27 July 2012

Budhi the GuardCat.

We have this White neighborhood cat that has been coming in the house and making a scene. I used to shoo it away and spend time making sure it wasn't getting Budhi's food and such. A few nights ago the cat came in, I was in my room and I heard the familiar cat growling type noises and it occurred to me that Budhi had to show this cat whose house it was, own his territory and be a 'Cat'.

So I stood at my door and waited, the growling stand off went on for some time, fur was standing up on the cats bodies, then pounce Budhi went for the White cat who bolted.

Since then the most extraordinary thing has happened; Budhi has become my GuardCat. When I'm in my office he sits at the door, I go to my room and he sits at the door.

He's one cool hella cat. King of his castle and always protecting his Queen. Hehehe..... Loving it.

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