Sunday, 26 July 2015

Venus Retrogarde 2015

On waking at this new dawn this morning, a(k)new energy surrounds. It's a potent day of (k)Now.

Today.... As she-love Venus goes full retrograde and we have stepped through my favorite portal the Lions gate 8:8.... I'm feeling the bubbling and formulation and it feels really beautiful.
The usual Venus retrograde advice is be mindful of starting new relationship and the aspect lucifer of Venus and her shadow. I agree looking in the external is not a good time. It's an inward time.
For me it's a call for my 'Mahamudra'.... The grandiose practise of Soul Divine Union. The Sanskrit name for the Union of bliss and emptiness. It's been claimed as the highest evolution of human purpose. A lot of people find the spiritual path a lonely path; for me I see it as my ultimate soul purpose, I love it, All of it. The beauty, the perceived ugly and all the juice in between.

(k)Now is a ripe time of this. Timely I start a Sadhana nurturing my inner Masculine and Feminine. Timely I honor all aspects within and master self love through humility and service.
Timely that out that sadhana I will enter the global month of devotion to Shiva. My inner equal and harmony consort in soul journeying.
Today dear ones is a call from the divine for us all..... As the conduit of source I ask you now to:
Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there. ~ Rumi 
As you step through these next 40 days be mindful of your imprint to Your Soul BY Your Soul.

I'm thinking it's time to start some online Sadhana work for anyone to join.  I'm thinking as I enter one on August 1 I might ask others to join....if you want more information drop me a line on my email and I'll do a group message later in the week.  Or plan for one in a couple of weeks.  Just putting it out there.

Wishing you all a most Vital Venus Retrogarde.

~ Durgaji.

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