Thursday, 13 August 2015

An invite into my Online Temple.

Want to work One-on-One with me? I've just opened my Online Temple. heart emoticon

STAGE 1 ~ I’m opening up the first Chamber of this vision.
In the last month my most unimaginable dreams have come to fruition. My daughter joined us in Bali and now is going to International School with her brother. All three children play, laugh and make my heart swell every day.
So my precious time has become more refined and more treasured. And how I work has evolved over time to organically accommodate these changes.
When I had a little baby in 2014, my big regular retreats had to change as my path did and I began one-on-one intense work with ripe souls ready for leaping. But not everyone can get to Bali. And now I can’t just take a week out of my routine every month.
So, I invite you to join me in my Temple if you indeed are ready to sit with me in the energy, ceremony and process.
What does it look like?
Working together, one-on-one. Once a week Skype session. Daily practise and weekly SoulWork. A commitment together.
Which will be consecrated to the divine. Witnesses by source. Joined by deities. Uniquely and individually flowing with the energies, soul contracts and your destiny.
I currently am doing this with 3 beauties. I am inviting 5 more to join now.
If you think you would like to join me in my Temple then contact me Now.
We will have a Skype session and see if it’s a fit for both of us.
We will discuss where you are at and what I envisage could play out if you entered the Temple. The investment of your time, money and very serious soul commitment unfolds in the session.
Email me Now: if you are being called to work closely with me.

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