Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Today I got a little surprise and I got to see inside my Uterus.

Day 2 of our 11 day Blog Challenge/Commitment. 

I was due for a 28 week pre  natal appointment today, I was to meet one of my midwifes at Bumi Sehat here in Ubud.  As I was about to head out  I got a call from her as she had to go out to an emergency.  She said, the famous CNN Hero of the year, Ibu Robin was in the clinic and would like to meet me and do my appointment, would that be ok.  Smiles….. of course it will be just fine.

All the women and volunteers at the clinic are such divine souls, offering free birthing options to Indonesians and incredible care to the expat community.  I am planning a homebirth under the care of these selfless souls and go to the clinic for my checkups. 

I am a mature mother to be, my third child is due at the end of January 2014, it was my 40th birthday that this dear soul thought it would be a good idea to incarnate through my body into this world.  This wasn’t on my projection life plan goal list, but seems God and a few others had different plans.  Lucky I’m good at ‘going with the flow’, good practice at intense opportunity to practice said going with the flow.  Some mature women have a low lying placenta, which means it attaches lower towards the cervix and not so much up the top of the uterus.   One day around 10 weeks ago, I started ‘spotting’, which is not ideal when pregnant, blood coming out of your vagina is not a good sign.  Fortunately, I have incredible care and this was sorted pronto.  I did however have to go down to Denpasar to have an ultrasound, where my low lying placenta was found.  I was very happy with this, it meant I wasn’t bleeding for some random reason, that it was just overload on my body from running around like a maniac doing a million things and not resting enough.  Physical sign of my actions.  Thanks baby.  If the placenta doesn’t move up, which it does in most cases, then you have to have a caesarian, I was told.  Due to the fact that the birth canal is obstructed by the placenta and its physically impossible for the baby to exit.  I have had two natural births and this is my preference. 

So I decided to add to my ‘daily practise’, visualizing the placenta naturally moving up as my baby and uterus expanded.  I would also talk to it while showering, I took this very seriously with certainty that I could assist in the process.

During my appointment with Ibu Robin today she said, there was an Australian Radiologist training some Indonesian young midwives in the clinic and would I like to check out my placenta.   I gratefully wandered over to the ultrasound room and hopped up on the old funny hospital bed and was joined by 6 very sweet Indonesian students and the radiologist.  It was so hilarious, they were all chatty and pointing at my insides on the screen, and when we found a perfectly placed Placenta I squealed with delight, kind of startling them.  Then we all ended up cheering and laughing and making a lot of noise in the clinic today.  My baby is growing beautifully and all is good in the baby making workshop.

In a couple of weeks the midwives will come out to my new home to do our appointment there.  I have a large sunken outdoor tub which we are going to convert into a birthing suite.  I’m rather excited.  I’ll keep you posted on that with pix.

I was a little teary this morning, not sad just missing my big kids a little bit.  Mumma land is an incredible place that I am honored to be part of.  Fortunately we connect most days and I got loved up with them.  My feminine essence is ‘feeling very yummy’ right now and I am beyond grateful to have this experience of birthing souls into humans and sharing it with them in this lifetime.

Much love,

Nik xo


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