Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Connections with dead people and Rodriguez…..

Day 3 of 11 Day Blog Challenge/Commitment.

Today’s Blog subject has evolved out of many factors, interconnected, synchronistic and aligned.  Fancy freakin that, what else is life.

During my meditation this morning it all danced around my mind and played out.  All my students from the last NikStarr Spiritual Journey in Bali are half way through their 21 day Soul Purification Meditation process.  Yesterday I gave them instructions on how to deepen their connection with the divine and how to ‘experience energy’ on a more tangible level.  So this morning, in my meditation, I gathered all their souls and took their higher selves through a process to assist in this.  What I do as a group gathers to journey with me is rather intricate and very calculated.  I have meetings with each participants higher selves, becoming very intimate with their souls positioning and higher purpose.  I take the group through ceremony long before they gather on the first day.  I create a collective of the group’s energy with intention and work with the soul group every day.  This continues physically in the retreat as well as after.  The 21 days after a NikStarr retreat I find has the potential for the biggest transformation, it’s where the long lasting sustainable change is recalibrated in your soul memory.  This is why, those that do the work, have the transformation.  Expand and grow and their lives are changed beyond their wildest dreams.  By them!  Full commitment to self, creates massive outcomes and it’s not always fun, but it is mindblowing that’s for sure.  I create the space for people to find themselves within and not use the external for evolution practise.

But I have digressed from my point.  Connection;  I wrote a little about this earlier in the year, when I first totally got the expression of ‘Zero Separation’, you can read of my process in this earlier Blog. 

I had put myself in lock down, albeit in a 5 star resort, to go way deep within, to transmute all that I was experiencing at that time.   When I commit to something that has to do with my soul, I am very much well practised into going and going and going until I break through the other side.  I had escaped, screamed, cried, laughed, orgasmed, found silence, talked to gods and allowed myself the space to go where I needed to go.   This is where I was lovingly reminded by my ex-partner that died suddenly 4 years ago that there was no separation, we are all connected and our minds just create duality for our incarnation lessons on earth.  Douglas and I have had a very active relationship since his passing, he did not pass over for 6 months and stayed with me.  Eventually he did pass over, with great effort and encouragement.  He always said to me while he was alive, I wish I could do more for you, be there more for you, when I die I will be able to be the man I cannot be now on earth.  It wasn’t until he passed that I knew what he meant.  He has got me out of some fairly dark places over the last couple of years.  He is a true angel.  So this day in lockdown he whispered in my ear to connect to the tree above me, to open my heart and to call in God.  He told me that the grief I was feeling at the time; which was a consequence of a situation with my now current husband, who was my estranged partner at the time, was a choice.  That I was not separate from Angelo, nor my children, or him or the leaves in the tree or the water I was floating in or anything.  I started seeing the energy fields around the trees, the buildings, the young man walking past, I could feel my breath impacting on my environment, I could feel the void and everything.  This is one of the most profound realizations of my life, I truly experienced Zero Separation.  I never had to miss anyone ever again, I went into my heart memory and accessed that consciousness and it’s simply there and time I need reminding.  We are forgetful things us humans.

Douglas ....

Last Sunday I had another reminder, thanks to dearly departed Douglas.  One of my older students said to me a few months ago, you should watch the movie ‘Searching for Sugarman’, you will start watching it and wonder why, then as it goes on you will see.  I didn’t know anything about it.  The movie turned up in my house and I found a reminder in my phone last week to watch it.   On Sunday we put it in the DVD player.  It started, the narrator said the movie was about Rodriguez, I thought ok, missed that bit, this is ‘interesting’…… The first song that came on was Sugarman, the very first song that Douglas played to me the day after we met.  I sat on my bed a little stunned.  Then the story unfolded of a humble, quiet, unaware living Saint.  A true example of a very evolved human being, a man that lived life and made a massive difference, simply being him.  A silent master, assisting in a revolution. Douglas came and sat by me for part of the movie, I could feel him touching my face sometimes, I cried silent tears for a minute then that passed.  There is no sadness, just heart expansion.  Then ‘that song came on’, I wonder ………, the day of Douglas funeral I played Rodriguez CD from his huge collection sitting in my lounge room, I listened to the songs and it was too much, I put the CD away.  I couldn’t listen to it again.  Until last Sunday, and those songs ignited in me a depth of deeper understanding.

So in my meditation today, when I expanded my energy field to be unconscious compassion and purer service to my fellow humans, all this danced in my minds eye.  I opened my third eye and connected with the conscious collective and simply breathed.  There is no question, there is no confusion, that is all.

Love and gratitude,

Nik. xo

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  1. Rodriguez is someone special to most South Africans and it's so great to know he has impact on a spiritual level too for you. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is truly profound and beautiful.