Friday, 15 November 2013

Discipline is Freedom; Excuses are Prison and Procrastination is Dis-ease. Freedom is the home of Juicy Yummy Deliciousness of Holistic Abundance …

Day 5 of Blogging Challenge/Commitment.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, in my daily meditation this morning, I had a little chat with the divine about what to write about today.  The clear direct answer was; you Know what to write about.  I did indeed. 

One of my great teachings is very deeply inlayed in the phase “Discipline is Freedom”.

Now trust me, it took my feisty rebellious soul quite some time to grasp this concept.  You see I used to HATE, (note caps intended) the word Discipline.  Like; a lot.  (All childhood stuff, stemmed primarily from my Mum; surprising I know.  Wrapped up in an all girls catholic high school education.  I know you get the drift of my ‘attached emotion ‘ to this word).

I found other words to substitute it with; I found other ways of expressing it.  I sleep with excuses, I partied with procrastination and at the end of the day.  Eventually I had to sit and work out my issues with dear Discipline.

I was challenged with a 7 day writing task one day and within it I had to write an affirmation; over and over again.  With the intention of shifting a limiting belief into a new operating system.  For this I required discipline.  My accountability partner at the time, suggested I use the word discipline in the affirmation.  I nearly vomited, I spent hours working out another way of saying exactly the same thing while still not making peace with Discipline. 

Now get th……..though this daily DISCIPLINE I actually made peace with this w o r d.
I let go of all attachments of my ‘stuff’ around the word, all the memories and all the pain, and STORY associated with this group of letters.  What a twat, this word was stopping me from evolving, well the word was not, I was. 

So now I am very proud of my discipline, trust me it certainly is NOT regimented.  But I have a nice space where I DO my daily practise, EVERY DAY.  Within that, as the divine plan plays out, I add more time specific things to it.  Just like this blogging challenge/commitment.

I start by EVERY DAY waking up.  I have managed that part everyday so far.  Before I get out of bed to start my day, I thank Mother Gaia for being present for me to walk on.  She too managed to ‘show up’ for all of humanity to participate in this day.  So I express my gratitude to the earth, I offer my sincerity on walking with purpose, kindness and love.  I then get out of bed.  (2 tasks already complete).  I generally manage to make a fresh juice, mostly a green juice with superfoods involved.  I then meditate, sometimes this is a whole 2 minutes, sometimes it can go on for an hour.  But I would generally say, I average 22 minutes a day.  Except when I’m doing other stuff of course.

There are no rules in my Discipline; there are no rights or wrongs.  There are just outcomes and consequences.  Of which all are my own.  If I am not grateful, then I feel less connected.  If I don’t eat well, I feel average, especially growing humans within.  If I don’t meditate I feel disjointed and not as stunningly capable as I do when I do meditate.  (There is an unlimited amount of ways in which one can meditate;  I’m finally going into the recording studio next week.  I will have lots to share). 

There are a few other things that I do do everyday, I generally shower, brush my teeth, I often go to the toilet.  I be of service to others and I always consciously bring out a smile in someone. 

Sometimes I discipline my eating, with juicing or fasting.  I do specific things to do with my business.  It’s constantly changing, just as the wind does.  Always with my solid, permanent daily practise.

I noticed very quickly, that this daily practise with serious discipline made a MASSIVE change in my life and how I experienced life.  I started to experience real freedom.  Just like the freedom I used to write about in my ‘write your dream day exercises in personal development training days’. 

Soooooooooooooooooooo, I encourage you today to make a serious commitment to YOU….. Start being there for YOU.  Make a commitment to YOU, and do just one thing every day that will support your soul evolution by YOU.   I assure you…………….. you will bask in the Freedom of  Juicy Yummy Deliciousness of Holistic Abundance.  It’s the default system that naturally occurs as a direct result of you choosing YOU.

And just in case you didn’t know…… I LOVE YOU.

Wishing you a fantabulous FRIDAY.

Love and gratitude,

Nik  xo
If you ever want to contact me feel free, I love interacting with all the souls that I share this incarnation with.

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  1. Seems to be the universal lesson for me right now... discipline... daily... Thanks again NikStarr for bringing it home :)