Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Let me tell you about an intense dream that lead to the moon.....

I woke up this morning after a very intense dream, where I had traveled to another dimension where I saw myself in a situation, it wasn't bad just really surprising. It took me some time to transition back the this dimension and adjusting my vibration to now. I felt a deep sense of mourning and sadness as I've had bit of a hard time these last 3 days called life. We all experience this from time to time. We are all humans and this is a very important part of our expansion and growth.  This dimensional dream shook me a little more than I liked to admit, so this is what transpired.

It's Tuesday 'Accountability Day', I have a group of students that I run a program reporting their tasks set for the week and one task last week was a meeting with your future self. A guided process I set.... I wam reading through their experiences during the day. I had tears of joy and gratitude for their expressions and insights. How miraculously a few hours can shift a perspective and bring you back fully grounded in your soul. 

One of my group sent me a message saying she was pleased that I had sent myself on vacation, as I am currently on a beach sabbatical to rest and recharge.

I told her:

Yes, I have put myself on vacation so to speak and its wonderful and as a consequence am shifting thru heaps and actually doing a lot. I have no stopped one of my commitments, as I am committed to me and wont let myself down ever again. I honor my side of accountability because through integrity of my word it also continues to keep my integrity within. I just make my life a little easier when I really need it and right now I really really need it. I got here last night and fell in a bit of a heap and then applied my skills and tools gently, I realised I needed to FEEL all that was happening to me and not try and transform them but work with them. Freakin massive idea that one....... So that's exactly what I have been doing.

So through allowing and accepting my feelings this morning I wasn't hindering the process that clearly I had to go through.  Sometimes I forget to feel when it comes to me.  I'm glad that I took this time to feel and allow my body to ache and my tears to flow.  The energy kept shifting as I kept allowing.  At no time did I go into victim or woe, I just let it all be.  I kept my emotions within a safe boundary so I didn't get lost but gently let it all go.

It was not long after that that I started reading the 'Accountability Day' reports.  The feeling of resonance and connectedness that we all share, as a collective.  I was feeling more unfragmented.  I was ready to meditate.

I put on some of my favorite mantra music and connected with my version of 'God' and simply started breathing.  I then started doing a Kundalini cleanse of energy, I burped, coughed, spluttered, dry reached and carried on for some time.  Once again, allowing the energy through my body do what I knew was necessary.  I then simply breathed again.  Sitting in the space of the NOW, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva ALL came and visited me.  Wow, what a blessing.  They filled my soul with purity and gave my soul an embrace, it kinda blew my mind.  I honored them in that moment and my meditation was complete.

So of course, it was time to head to the swimming pool and read my kindle and work on my tan.  I allowed myself to float around the pool and be kissed by the sun.  One of my dearest girlfriends called me from Australia and we chatted for a while and had a lovely conversation.  The lightness within was wonderful.  Free to simply be.  Being the lightness was so refreshing.

I am feeling safe, strong and whole again within my being now.  And after posting this blog I am heading out for a few supplies for my Full Moon Ceremony tonight.  I will stop at the beach on the way back and pray at the temple then watch the sunset and the moon rise.

I will then return and build a crystal grid and let go of all that no longer serves me with the assistance of this powerful full moon.  I will give thanks and love to the universe.  And then I will soak in the bath with a glass of wine and some tunes perhaps.

All I know is that I could of wallowed in my sadness and mourning of the events of the last 3 days or I could allow this process to flow and add as much yumminess as I possibly could.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om....

I've had some people ask me what is the Accountability Program and how does it work.

"Basically it's an agreement and commitment between you and me, to be there for each other and to ensure we are following through on our intentions.  To hold each other to a higher standard.  To share insights and to continue to expand daily as per our souls purpose."

Here is the format:

There is an Accountability form which you fill out each day.
You set your intentions each Tuesday and then comment each day on how you went.

Most weeks there is a task to do, last weeks was the magical meeting with YOUR future self.  I give you guidelines on the process and am always open to further questions if you need at any time.

Each Monday evening you email me back the report, of your weekly sheet and your task.  I comment and chat with you if required on whatever transpired.

I provide email or chat support during the week if you need a little help.

Before the first week commences we have a skype chat to see where you are at and anything we wish to work towards specifically.

The cost each month is $111 for the process and interactions.  I always suggest to commit to 3 months to allow the momentum of your applied changes, patterns and new habits to integrate as well as the benefit of always working on yourself for the highest good.

I often give personal tasks if there is something that we need to work on.  Last week one of the girls was having a bit of a struggle.  She kept finding herself in very similar situations.  So she got to dismantle her emotional rollercoaster.  Bit by bit, she pulled it apart and then burnt the fucker. 

I share all my secrets and all my processes with you.  If you need a Kundalini clearing, I'll tell you exactly how you can do that; for you.  It's a very pliable process.  Yet with the structure of the daily accountability format.

So to start the skype call is free, $111 each month.  And at anytime you need a personal skype call, then I charge you special rate as part of the group.

So if you want to have a chat and see if its something you want to commit to then email me:


Ultimately it really is a commitment to YOU.  And getting into the practise of following through on promises that you make to you is freakin unbelievable.  You literally won't know yourself.  Trust me, I used to let myself down a bit, and now I don't, at all.  I have gotten into such a practise that it's automatic, that I check in with me and see whether this is for my highest good or not.  And simply I can make far better decisions.  It rather helpful indeed.

If you aren't my friend on Facebook feel free to add me.

And if you have any friends that you think may need some help with this sort of stuff, feel free to share my details with them too.

So I am off now to bask in the moonlight and see where that takes me.... Love and blessings to all that I am sharing this human experience called life with.

I am honored.... I love you.

Terima Kasih Tuhan.

My website:  http://www.nikstarr.com/

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