Sunday, 2 December 2012

Time to ME.

December 2012..................... Commitment to Nik and Daily Practise for Expansion.

So here it is, December 'freakin' 2012............hhhmmm, what a ride its been.  I know that we can all relate and those days that feel like a whole lifetime in 24 hours.  Where what happened last month could very easily seem like 'a whole other lifetime'.  Such is the energies of 2012.

I personally hardly recognize the Nicole from December last year.  I have been trialled, tested and  tribulated  beyond what my imagination could of even imagined a year ago.

Although its been the most extreme of opportunites in my recollection of this lifetime, its been the most fortuitous for my soul.  I have smashed limiting beliefs, broken old patterns and gone beyond the depths of my perceived strengths.  I have definitely employed my Warrior Energy, embraced my feminine essence and opened myself to unconditional love.   

The most incredible things have happened, I have been to the most eye-opening places and seen the unimaginable.  I am in a permanent state of Gratitude.

And NOW..............................Here, (well yesterday 1/12/12), I made the biggest commitment of my life.   Finally I committed to ME, in totality, and taking the honor of being alive in this time and vibration and using it wisely. 

My purposeBeing the best version of Nicole Phoenix Starr, that I possibly can be.

Enough of 'fucking around', enough of 'getting to that tomorrow', enough of 'processing that', the time is NOW.  I've done all the work, my soul has known since the beginning of time everything it will even need to know, I commit to the Remembering.  I commit to the discipline of daily practise which serves my soul.  A varied combination of meditation, prayer, yoga, giggling, human engagement, ceremony, yummy food and whatever else makes my soul sing. 

Mindfulness, awareness and kindness.  I, Nicole Phoenix Starr am so excited, who would of thought committing to ME could be so wonderful.  When in  the past there was some weird-arse disguise presenting as fear or sabotage or 'someshit'.  All those have dissolved somehow. 

So yesterday, I started off my December Commitment Campaign to MYSELF..... I nurtured myself with care, kindness and a beautiful womens circle.  Falling into deep sleep after reading thought provoking words by David R Hawkins.

Smiling ..........



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