Sunday, 12 August 2012

Unlimited Bliss..........WHY NOT???

Oh my beloveds, it is purely our duty to shine and be the example for others to see, we must not push or pander anything to anyone ever...........the road to divinity is not gracious and easy as once thought, it is of sacrification and complete abandonment, this is the way of liberation and dissolving of the rampant ego..........our devotion to God is paramount, as it is the mirror of our devotion to our souls, this body we are currently in is superfluous and not of consequence...............we are in a pure state of remembrance and it is there we find true freedom. 
 Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I have been through two weeks of absolute crazy 'hell', every single thing within my being has been challenged, called upon and questioned.  By the Holiest man I have ever met.

I have had to look at every single thought that I have ever had and wonder for what purpose is that serving.  I have been stripped raw and I have had to unlearn all my conditioning, let go of all my 'story' and simply be and as a consequence, I was able to become a manifestation of Goddess Durga.  So going into trance as a Living Goddess is a little much at times, for a few days I was involuntarily going into trance which is rather interesting while riding a motorbike on a Bali road. 

My gratitude for my Raja Swami is infinite, his tenacity, patience and purity were a stunning example for my feisty soul.  My beloved Brother Swami Shivashaktianada who was by my side the whole way and within his own journey, I love you eternally.

I learnt to be brave, very Brave, I thought I was brave before but now I know true Courage as I found it within me, piece by piece removing the fucking scary bullshit that really was just some 'dumb shit' that I decided was important at the time. 

I understand now about total expansion, infinite life and the purpose of living.

And therefore I am here in Bliss  -  as Swami says, Why Not???


I honor you all....................... with unconditional pure Love. Love for all humanity. We all trying to get to the same place, whether we recognize it or not............. Freedom, Love and Simply BEING.

Being in moments of the mother of the Universe, one is able to feel total Love for ALL.

For that I am beyond blessed.................. Halle-freakin-lujah.....Jai !!!!

Unlimited abundant love,


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