Monday, 3 December 2012

Allowing Abundance and Revelling in it. Why not?

I have just returned home from a truly stunning experience, indulging in yumminess and embracing it in full totality.

One of my childhood friends lives and works in East Timor, teaching English in a highly paid job.  Last Thursday was his birthday and he gifted himself a trip to Bali in a stunning villa complex with private staff, chefs, swimming pools and spa attendants.  

He insisted I come and stay in one of the 4 villas for 4 nights.

Ummmmm, ok, sure; Twist my arm, NOT.

We went to the airport Thursday evening to pick up one of his friends flying in from London, and went the villas.  Were shown our incredible quarters for the next 4 nights and then sat for dinner.............................OMG, what a banquet, fine wine and stunning company.

Living in Bali, its been awhile since I've had a 5 star Luxury western injection, so I embraced it with such gratitude and respect that I was bought to tears at times.

Being grateful for gifts only makes them more special, more expanded and memories for a lifetime.

Here is a little example of what we are talking about.

I still managed a reasonable amount of work each day, in between pool gazing, large meals and even a private yoga class. 

Gratitude is the key to my life.

Abundance is a funny consequence of gratitude.

Never having attachments to outcomes, always helps.

And always giving expecting nothing in return is something to be mastered.

I am beyond grateful for 4 days of luxury.  You may of noticed in my smile.



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