Saturday, 15 December 2012

Can you help Me?????? Please....


Om Swastiastu,

I am currently raising money to help a teacher of mine get to India to die.  I have 3 days left on the fundraising project and am half way there. 

Swamis teaching are responsible for a lot of my growth this year, he has stretched me beyond belief, asked me to do things way out of my comfort zone and taught me the true meaning of 'Bhakti";  religious devotion in the form of active involvement of a devotee in worship of the divine).

When you put your needs, desires for self aside and be of total service to others, yet maintaining integrity, honor and self, you get the essence of Bhakti.  Its a tricky thing but once mastered, doing Bhakti creates a space to have a real impact on humanity and live from a space in your heart of pure love.

The last few days we have been taking the steps to finalize all the details.  It's like Swami is 'sitting in the waiting room', he's fairly patient but he knows this final leg of his life is huge and he's ready (and some).

He will be traveling to Jakarta on 19th December, (in 4 days), staying there with a fellow Swami for 3 days then direct to India.  The realness of this hit home yesterday when we were doing the logistical planning.  Reflecting on this incredible journey.  I can't even imagine what it's going to be like at the airport on Wednesday.

Funny thing is I have seen Swami 'age' quite a lot in the last month, although he is only 69 years old, he has lived a very hard life, many in caves, begging by the Ganga and being of complete service to all.  It's startling at times comparing him to my western relatives and how fragile he is right now.

He has a daughter, (funny story that one, which involves an amazing story with a Buddhist Nun many years ago), his daughter Saraswati, never spent anytime with her mother and was bought up in an orphanage, she now has 2 children of her own, she and Swami re-connected several years ago.  We have become very close over the several months, she calls me 'Ibu' (mother in Indonesia), saying goodbye to her father is going to be very hard for her.  I have made a promise to her and Swami to be there for her 'forever', I feel truly honored and blessed to be Saraswatis, mother figure, she is such an Angel.  (Not thinking about the fact this makes me an accidental Grandmother..... shhhhhhhhh).

So as my last sacrificiation to my Swami, I have 4 days to go in this capacity here in Bali. 

If I have ever touched your life, given you any advice, made you smile or anything at all, know that part of my being was due to Swami.  

Please if you feel aligned with any of this please help me help him.

It's simple, click on the link here and 'pledge', whatever amount you are able to.

Only when the campaign is filled is the money taken.

During this amazing crazy journey, Angelo Santos has been by my side, we have laughed, cried, fought and supported each other as students of Swamis.  It's always been with great hilarity I watched these two amazing men travel around preparing documents, passports and visas for India.

Here is a snippet from the campaign page containing some information.

" This beautiful selfless 69 year old man, who has spent all his life in service to others wishes to travel to India to die in his motherland India.  To be cremated in Varanasi and his ashes spread in the Ganga Ma (Ganges River).

Swami has touched my life and that of many others deeply.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude or love for this man.

He has zero attachment to any outcome, he is the living example of the steps to enlightenment.  He lives in a small man-made cave in the South of Bali, after spending years in a Buddist Monastery, then eventually converting to Hinduism, sitting by the Ganga Ma meditating for years, 7 years in a cave in India and time in Japan with a Zen Master.  His life has been colorful and honorable.

I was blessed to meet him in only June this year, 2012.  I feel as if I have known him all my lifetimes.  Apparently I have....ha ha ha. 

Such a wonderful giving teacher, friend, soul and human being,  he like many great Gurus have visions of their death and time of death.  He is no different.  His last wish is to travel to India to die. 

I ask you to help me make his dream come true.  This kind gentle soul that has touched my life incredibly and many others deserves so much and I am honored to assist him in this time.

He deserves these last months to be easy, with your help I know we can gift him this effortlessly.

Much love, light and respect always,

NikStarr.  "

So lastly, I ask you to take a moment, click on the link and share some charity, compassion and universal humanity energy if you can. 

Once the campaign is fulfilled, Swami, Angelo and I will be doing a ceremony of gratitude and blessings for all those that contributed.

Here is the link again.

Wishing you all a stunning weekend.

Great Love always,

Nik.  xo

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