Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12/12/12.. The day has arrived. Do NOTHING,.... Much.

So, the much anticipated 12/12/12 has arrived.  And in all the hoopla, the answer is Simple.

Don't resist anything, don't try and work it out, don't get confused, don't get side tracked.


BE, the best YOU that you can be.

Stop screwing around and questioning everything, dissecting 'what is'............ We live in a time where we now KNOW, energy has intelligence beyond our mere human comprehension. 

You simply have to have the 'Intention' to connect with the Energy of NOW and you will be aligned with the shift.

Opening your mind, your heart and Allowing, is all you have to do.

When you 'get out of your own way' and embrace this now, you can think about this:

"In the fifth dimension things work differently. In the fifth dimension you know that and live as the master of your own creations. So you yourself bring safety back into your life. Knowing you are God also, gives you many clues to do so. This starts with the process of loving yourself from within, finding your inner beauty and then ‘following yourself!’
Living in the fifth dimension means that you carry more and more of your light, your divine light, in your physical body. Living in the third dimension you had to ‘unground’ yourself to connect with this divine light. You were not able to carry this much light in your physical body.
The new grounding is not only about connecting with the earth to anchor and to let go, so energies can be transformed. There’s more to it than connecting with your physical body, so you are present and aware, and can react appropriately. The new grounding involves connecting with and bringing in your divine light. It’s about grounding your divine light. No longer being on the sideline, watching your light ‘up above’, but being the divine light. Full potential!!
You may invite yourself, your divine light, to come into your life gradually, step by step, a breath at the time. So you can get used to being this much light. This much divinity. You are already carrying more light that you can imagine. And although I might write ‘take it slow’ you are moving rapidly.  You are the creators. You are creating this change of moving from the third dimension to living in the fifth dimension. From living as spirits pretending to be human, to living as divine beings who are masters of their creations.
Living in the fifth dimensions means you are aware that you are the master of your own creations and act accordingly.
Living in the fifth dimension is a choice.  You have access now, its up to YOU.  To be the best version of yourself.  To step into your magnificence.  To be your radiant self.  To live the soul purpose you signed up for."

So my simple suggestion today is:  BREATHE, OPEN YOUR HEART, OPEN YOUR MIND, BE MINDFUL OF THE ENERGY,    S M I L E   .................................

And if you want to get involved, then do say, take some time to meditate, take some time to talk to your "God head", create a ceremony, join in celebration with friends.

All I suggest is you don't let this day pass by without acknowledgment.

Happy 12/12/12.

Love Nik. 

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