Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ceasing the bitching in my head !!!

God has been ever so kind; to be gifting me a 'test' of great proportions of late.  I had a person come into my life and create quite a whirlwind and made me look at lots of things as to why I would attract such situations into my life.  I questioned endlessly, what was the purpose of all this.  Applying the 'onion effect', I sorted through all the layers of the situation and had some massive growth in terms of; holding myself to a higher standard, as well as how I was feeding situations with energy. 

This morning I woke up ANGRY.......................I don't do angry but when I woke up I was filthy angry.  Was rather confused with what that was all about and what to do about it.  Was freaking myself out a bit actually.

Then it all made sense.................I was sick to death of managing the thoughts around this situation, I was sick to death of having lengthy discussions within my mind about it.  It was old, tired and down right boring.

I had stopped giving the situation any energy externally for a couple of weeks yet I still continued to participate in the 'drama' in the privacy of my own mind.

Yesterday, two people tried to engage me in conversation regarding this said 'test person' and as I no longer gave it energy I didn't, until I got home and my mind and I went ballistic.

I see now on reflection that is why I woke up angry, my soul was sick and tired of hearing about it.  I was being just as bad bitching about it in my mind as if I was discussing it with other people.

So I came to the stunning realization that it needed to stop, the time was NOW to take full responsibility for my vibration in this universe.  

As we know, thoughts are powerful things, and can manifest incredible stuff.

So, I have a strategy and its making me feel 'kinda high', which obviously is 'kinda cool'.  I am smiling so much today.  ('High vibration').

When ever this 'test', situation or the name of this person comes into my mind I simply say; Ctrl, Clear, Delete until it stops.  It's instant!  I feel sooooooooooo happy, that I'm not engaging in the 'story' any longer, that I am not giving away any of my precious energy and that I am ensuring a positive vibration that raises; not diminishes the vibration of the earth.

I have made the commitment to myself to cease all bitching and whining and *dumbshit (technical term) in my head.  To raise my consciousness to the next level.  And it's feeling awesome.


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