Monday, 18 November 2013

Confessions of a human called Nik and getting the big energy of the universe inside you…. Sunday, yeah. Just another average day…….

Day 8 ~ Blog Challenge/Commitment

Today is Monday, day 8 of the blog challenge/commitment.   Yesterday I did not write Day 7.  I had had a rather INTENSE not very pleasant Saturday evening.  Which resulted in me having to logistically dealing with ‘stuff’.  It’s a long unnecessary story to go into here.  On Sunday morning,  the day after the unpleasant event, I had to go and do other things that were not on my schedule.  I realized that it was kind of looking like I was not going to get the opportunity to physically sit with my computer and write.  I had to grapple with this, as for me; A commitment is a commitment.  I always follow through.  The afternoon dissolved and I had to quickly get ready to take 16 students up to the middle of Bali for a Full Moon ceremony.  On a bus and prepare the offerings in time.

I could’ve made a 1 liner blog and posted it, fulfilling my commitment.  I could of beat myself up about not doing this, is this unusual unplanned conditions of Sunday.  Instead I just got on with the tasks of the day, recognised that it was an unusual situation and best to resume the process in the morning.  (Hence here I am).

The Full Moon ceremony which also happened to fall on the same day as a Hindu ceremony called Kajeng Kliwon was being held up in the middle of Bali, near Besakih; the Mother Temple of Bali.  At one of my Gurus ashrams, High Priestess Jero Ayu.
(walking with my beloved Jero)...
Most months I go up for the ceremony, or the New Moon, or both.  As well as any other specific ceremonies that occur during the month.  It’s a magical place which has stunning energy and big channellings and ‘stuff’ occurs.  Last night was no exception.

We started the ceremony with the usual group meditation.  Very very quickly the energy got vast and high….. very very quickly I could feel the energy running through my body, into my veins of physicality and taking me into a state of trance and great expansion.  It was really powerful and strong.  I was guided to the front of the temple where the energy and I fused and expressed that moment in time.   Jero guided the group of my people as well as the Balinese in attendance to access the energy of the universe running through my trance.  The energy of the temple amplified and sent a lot off into a state of trance themselves.  They were to breathe in through me and then out any negative energy out of the souls.  Like I said, it was strong and powerful, it came very quick and in my unconscious/semi -conscious state of trance it was quite the trip.    This is not an uncommon thing for me to channel deities, or go into trance with energy fields.  What was a little different last night was the ferocity and enormity of the energy.  It was the energy of the whole universe.  …You know usual Sunday stuff.

Westerners who don’t see this type of thing too often have many questions for me and my ability to do this.  Especially how it affects my baby when I am in trance with big energy running through my body and soul.  When I first found out I was pregnant obviously I had to find out specifically because at times I’ve had some fairly extreme energy through me that has thrown me around and been very physical.  I had seen many pregnant Hindu women in trance before; so I knew that it obvious was ok.  Jero Ayu explained to me early on that ‘most babies don’t experience such energy in the womb’….. and that my baby was extremely blessed to have great spirits, enlightened deities and powerful energy running through its physicality too.   To not be concerned about my baby while I was in trance but to know that it was very special to experience such a thing.  'Your baby has very good karma Nicole'... enough said.

The energy running through one when in this state is pure ecstasy, the bliss ecstasy that ‘they’ speak of in heightened states of meditation and connection.  It’s hard to explain but simply put; it’s like an instant purification coupled with a mass energizing injection and state of expanded bliss of the divine.  So yeah, good chance it won’t harm the baby.

So that was my Sunday that I didn’t manage to get a blog out.

Nik.  xo


  1. Hi Nik,
    Being new to this kind of channelling I found it hard to take my eyes off you and the others who were having a similar experience. The energy was intense and looks almost violent from the sounds of roaring and bleaching everyone was making. I thought the guy behind me was going to throw up. Glad to know it feels good on the inside ;)

  2. Yes I assure you honey, its very very good inside. xo