Thursday, 12 January 2012

Who are you? I'm going to report you for hacking my friends FB account.

I was chatting with one of my close friends last night on FB chat.  Telling her that since 30th December 2011, I have been running every morning, doing weights and floor work every second day after running, have only missed two days.  New Years Day and last Sunday, only having a few drinks on NYE and the Saturday evening before the non run Sunday.  In the last 14 days in this holiday season, that's quite a feat for a social butterfly like moi.

She proceeded to reply with, 'Who are you?  I'm going to report you for hacking my friends FB account', what followed was some out of control LOLing and ROFLing.

The funny thing is that this was not a conscious decision at all.  While I was out on my run this morning listening to Tony Robbins on my iPod, a thought came across my mind about a note I wrote several years ago about my ideal day.  Way out of my conception at the time, totally unachievable I thought when writing it.

Yet here I was running along the foreshore of Sanur beach, listening to inspiration on my iPod, feeling incredible, excited about getting home and smashing my 150 sit up record that I had done two days beforehand.  Knowing my green juice would be sitting there waiting for my return.  I shook my head and thought who the hell am I.  My response to self was, I don't care but gee I like it.

After my shower, I sat at my computer to do the next stages of marketing my life long dream, of taking people on Journeys that will transform and inspire them on a deep core level.

I reflected on all this and realized that I was now operating from a sub-conscious paradigm, that it was effortless, that I had put in the hours, done the education, actioned the learnings and was actually living my 'ideal day'.  All I could come up with with "F**k a duck".  How freaking cool is that.

So my message here today is, all I know is that there were so many times, I fell down, I got back up, dusted myself off and just kept going.  Ignored the naysayers and trudged on because I knew that the mediocre life that I was experiencing back then was not my destiny.

Today I had a massive realization, that all things take time, that all the blood, (yes), sweat (yes) and tears (yes) are worth it.  And then one day you wake up and in the middle of simply doing you are living that 'mind movie' that you had put so much energy into in the past.

Sitting in a state of 'Gratitude Personified'.

Believe in yourself, your worth and your dreams.  I know you can achieve them.

Biggest love always,

Nik.  xoxo

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