Friday, 6 January 2012

Have a dream to Travel - Simple, book the flight and trust the Universe.

Several years ago I wanted to go to Hawaii to attend a personal development course, at the time I had very little disposable income, so I brain stormed on a solution.  I called my Mum and said, would you like an idea for my xmas present, it was November, she said 'sure'.  I asked her to buy me a ticket to Hawaii for March.  Of course I found a return flight for $499 and then I handed the overwhelming process to the universe.  I had to find $200+ per night for accommodation for 8 nights, spending money and flights to the big island.  At the time I had no idea how this was going to be possible.  Somehow when I flew out of Australia bound for Hawaii, I had the money and a bit more, back in November it seemed an impossible dream.  But I nurtured the dream, I worked hard and what I thought would never happen, did.

A few years later one of my best friends was having a really bad day, she just wanted to run away from it all, I said, 'how good would it be to go to Vegas right now'.  From that simple conversation she shared with me something that she had been living by for years.  If you have a dream to travel, JUST BOOK THE FLIGHT and the universe will conspire to create the situations and the opportunities for you to get there.  It was in that moment I recalled my Hawaii adventure and then another, a dream to see America for the first time, Italy and Holland and the UK, well the universe was very kind with that one, I was gifted a business class around the world ticket and had the time of my life.  Now I know that's rather rare but my point is this.

Have faith in the universe, have faith in yourself and go for it.  Now is the time to make your dreams come true.  We have all been through so much over the last few years that it's time to step up.  To put all our learnings into practise.  To take the leap of faith, to do for you what you truly deserve.

Book the flight, I remember when we booked our flights to go to Vegas, we stretched everything to pay for those flights, and once again had no idea how we could possibly afford to pay for the trip.  It really is like magic, if you have a strong enough desire, the strangest things happen.  I found through this process it gave me a taste of stepping out of my comfort zone.  Of surrendering to the greater forces, of believing in all that I hoped for.  I guess that was a part of the process that got me to freaking out about the strong message that I got to move to Bali when I just knew that I had to go.  I had given what seemed impossible over before and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would all fall into place, just the way it is suppose to.

I have had the pleasure of many of my friends come and visit me here in Bali, the hours of conversations I have had with them, saying they can't afford it etc etc etc.  I told them the Just BOOK THE FLIGHT theory and guess what, each and everyone came with more than enough spending money and the stories they told me on how all the unexpected funds came in.  It gets to a point where you are no longer surprised.  Just in a state of gratitude that you are privy to seeing the universe work the way its suppose to.  It's goal is to grant you all your wishes, to make all your dreams come true.  So maybe its time to allow it to do its job, to get out of your own way and embrace the incredible power available to you.

Why this has come up for me is that I am running a Spiritual Journeying event here in Bali and have had many inquiries, the same theme is occurring, I see a step towards at the moment though.  Of not I can't but I don't know how, recurring answers of;  I'm going to hand it over to the universe and hope it brings me my wishes.  Great work, just remember it's a two way street, a dance between a couple, you and the universe, teamwork.  If you feel that it's your time to nurture yourself and take that trip you want to then this is my advice, no matter whether its in your own country or abroad.  The only limitation is you. 

BOOK THE FLIGHT........................have faith in the universe, allow the synchronicities to flow and step up into the time of your life.

I KNOW that you will have the most unimaginable journey getting to your dreams and then the most unimaginable outcome will surely be had.

2012 is the year that you can do exactly what you want and as a consequence the ripple effect will be benefited all.  The world is waiting for your energy to rise.

Trust yourself, Trust the process and ride the beautiful wave awaiting you.

I love you.

Nik.  xo

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