Friday, 13 January 2012


Today I wrote a post on Facebook: 
"Wow...............when you surrender the universe gives you the most delightful gifts. ♥"
There was a myriad of responses from, thanks for the reminder; to; what perfect timing this is for me today, this was my response.
Take a big deep breath AND Throw your hands in the air, recall on all the other times in your life when you couldn't see thru the fog, recall you didn't die and that actually you found immense learning and often pure joy from those very moments that seemed the most hopeless. LET IT GO and have Faith not only in the universe but in YOURSELF, you Will pull yourself thru, you Will do the best for your souls purpose when it comes down to the line. Take off your control pants, take off your scardey cat sox and hop on the freakin wave of your pre-destined awesome life. Whats the worse thing that can happen, you fall over and cry. You WILL get back up again, you always do eventually and more than often learn exactly what you needed to know. Take a deep breath, SURRENDER and Smile, in that moment you know everything actually will be ok and more than likely far better than you actually ever imagined. Truckloads of Love always, Nik. xoxoxo
I see a lot of the word Surrender get thrown around and ultimately its a pretty much over used catch phrase, yet its importance is paramount.
If you get down and dirty, then I see it as simply, 'Don't give a flying f**k'.
Yet this could be misconstrued as arrogant, care less or down right rude.  But if you attach kindness, respect and pertaining to the philosophy of the greater good, then it can work out just fine.
Look at it this way, don't give a flying f**k about the situation, never about anyone or anything associated to it.  If you are in one of 'those' predicaments, where it all seems to be at a loss and you can't see any light and are stuck in a filthy tunnel.  Then simply SURRENDER to the situation, you are obviously there for a reason.  As much as we don't want to hear it, we put ourselves there, or our higher self does.  No matter what part we think somebody else or some other reason it has conspired to create your current situation, you have to take responsibility in your part.  Now I have suggested this to people before and they have looked at me in complete horror, like wtf, this has nothing to do with me, that I am in this crap situation.....blah blah blah............... well, from the premise of 'thoughts create things', 'we don't get what we want, we get what we need' and 'everything happens for a freakin reason', I assure you that this NOW is definitely here for one or all of those reasons.  And rather than getting caught up in the whole, poor me, the world is a mean place; space.  Surrender to it, allow it to unfold, step up and participate the best you can.  Don't give a 'flying f**k' as to the why, how or any other paradigm your mind might try and play out.  
Just merely, allow it to happen, surrender and be the best you can be.  Acknowledge its being here and don't care about all the society driven crap about how it came about, it came about CAUSE IT DID.
So back to the essence of Surrender, by handing the situation over to the gods/universe and by standing in your truth and knowing that you are capable and more than the situation you WILL find the outcome unimaginable.  This I KNOW, I have had much experience and have guided so many others through the same.  When you 'don't give a flying f**k, and take responsibility for your life; your outstanding future' then this is where Magic happens.

Surrender, acceptance, allowing and embracing = unimaginable Life.

Be the person you want to be, don't play out the bullshit, don't get lost in the crowd and don't lose yourself in mediocrity, that's not why you are here.

This may all come across a wee bit brash, but I'm serious, very serious.
It's time to Step Up, take responsibility for your life, your consequences and your stuff.
In doing so, life WILL be unimaginable.  You just gotta practise, no one was a master overnight, one step at a time.
Keep smiling.

Massive love,
Nik.  xoxo

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