Monday, 16 January 2012

Significance of the Human Being.

Over the last few days, I have been witness to some very interesting human behaviors.  And I see a common theme and that is in one way or another the person being 'interesting' is just trying to find a way to feel significant in their Now.

I recall a few years back, my coach at the time said to me, 'Nicole, what significance do you get from driving your convertible around corners sideways?"  Ohhhhhhhhh, I thought about this long and hard, the obvious answer was, 'shit loads', (a universal measurement for way above average).  From that coaching session I have seen many of us play this need out in so many formats.  Since that time I have been very aware when I drop back into trying to get significance in my life and the old patterns I play out.  I love when these matters get shoved in your face for you to look at and ultimately are able to work on and realize that it's a very personal thing to keep 'our own cup full'.

And of course the funniest thing happened this morning, I went out on my run and guess what was the podcast on my iPod.  When human needs aren't being met, their search for significance.  In the most interesting ways and manner.

I lot of people like the easy way, putting other people down to make them selves feel better.

Sharing their Judgement is another biggy for a lot of people, much easier to say their opinions to others who are actually doing things with their lives; than looking at their own stuff.

An extraordinary one, is trying so hard to make people happy; that they end up making everyone miserable.  This is a tragic one, spreading themselves too thin, trying to be everything to everyone.  Just wanting to be liked by the masses.

There are a myriad of things how one can get their significance, by being the healthiest person and putting down those that don't share quite the same lifestyle.  

The list goes on and on.

The thing that I have come to realize is that we need to be responsible for our own self worth, our own happiness and our own energy.

Not by projecting our stuff on to others or by taking other peoples positive energy away from them.

Every one is doing the best they can with the skills and tools they have and if we just be a little more mindful of how we see ourselves and how we participate in life then I think that our combined vibration will indeed make for a better world.

Own your stuff and don't project it onto others even if how they are playing out their life it isn't aligned with your values.

Be the example that you want to see in the world and allow the ripple effect to flow.

Much love,


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