Monday, 20 July 2015

Stuck, can't move.... BLOG!!!

I'm currently at the Gold Coast in not so sunny Queensland in my birth country, Australia. With my 17 month old babe passed out on me. I'm pinned down and unable to move. It's been a very busy few weeks. Just yesterday we completed the last event for this trip. It was a stunning success. 

I never wake sleeping babes especially mine. 

Here we were last week answering emails. 

Today I was a bit bored so I thought I'd blog from my phone using the Blogger App while enjoying snuggling in the very cool weather. 

As a Hindu Priestess with 3 children who all go to International School I need to ensure I spend enough time exchanging energy for currency to feed my babes with time spent in ceremony and my beloved temple. 

Modern Day Mastery of balance, practice and commitment shows up as freedom, purpose and joy. 

You can have it all; if you want it. 

Priestess Mumma Durgaji Starr. 

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