Friday, 26 June 2015

Sacred Feminine Remembering.


This picture is of a placenta and the Tree of Life. I constantly am shown the current state of women's blood shame and the strange disconnect in WOMEN (let alone the men). 
Menstrual Blood 101 - is the shedding of the lining of the womb when life creation has not occurred. 
This lining built up in preparation during the cycle with the intention of becoming a placenta. A miraculous incredible magical container for a human grow. The placenta is potent creation. It has every single thing to support the gestation of life. The placenta is so revered; it is the epitome of divinity. Pure potent creation. 
The very same cells, molecules, wisdom, DNA and wisdom is in your menstrual blood. IT'S the same thing. As it releases and passes through you it doesn't turn into something dirty or gross. It's actually so very very sacred. 
Menstrual time is sacred. As women without rites of passage we have no been reminded of this. As women living now we have a myriad of belief systems around our bloods. The more the awakening of the Living Goddess, the more remembering occurs. 

I LOVE Bleeding and it's such a beautiful time for me. A long path of personal remembering. 

So much love dear sistahs

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