Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I've been asked three times in the last week; 'what are you up to now'.

So guess it's time to write and share.   As usual it's been a busy time with a myriad of things happening in the land of NikStarr.   I've just finished a week with my heaven sent intern.  She arrived with the exact skills I required and is a delight to hang out with everyday.  Which is all very perfect timing as I'm in a 3 month business coaching program to systemize all my Nikness and monetize my time more effectively than I do.  As a Mumma with growing children things need to be a little more structured.   Harley is now living permanently in Bali and it's such a wonderful time for us all.  I even went and watched a football (soccer) game with parents and sat on the grass with Leo the other week.  A whole other nother dimension of 'soccer moms' Indo style in sweltering heat and hot pink uniforms for boys.  I secretly loved the whole thing.

We've had ceremony at 'Mahayana'; the sacred space at my new home.  We've had visitors by many past NikStarr Journeyers.  We've been sick and we've been doing our do and living, loving and being.

Creating and evolving the expansion I'm experiencing.

I got asked if I am doing Immersions anymore, the answer is No, they were a one time thing during a period of a little baby that needed my constant attention, where I was still able to create journey.  As I now have sacred space and 6 stunnings rooms at my compound I am bringing forth very intimate retreat work.  This is the birthing of the Path of the Living God*dess.  Shakti Bhakti.  Starr Shambhala.  It's juicy, its yummy, its pure, its sublime.  It's INTENSE, in the most glorious way.  It's my full expression of Durgaji.  I'll be releasing those dates and applications will be open hopefully next week.

I'll be launching a new website, within the next two weeks.  I'm just still working on the branding with my 'business coach' and I'm so loving it.  It's been a long time since a refresh of my website.  My blog is now embedded in the site, so I'll get back to more writing and everything will be in one place.  It's all fresh, clean and a reflection of my now.....

What else am I doing, I'm going to be doing some new meditation recordings soon.  I have a new sacred pendant which is an Orgone Energy piece, it's nuts.  Has 5 metals inside, crystal, vibhuti, and a sacred symbol.  I'll be sharing those too.

So all systems go right now on my technological side of life and prepping for our Australia visit.

I will also be doing a sessions day down the Gold Coast, as I'm staying on a few days, I'll have some private sessions available.  21st July.  I'll be sending out info to those booked and coming to July events in 2 weeks.  I still have 5 spots on Sunshine Coast and 3 on Gold Coast so please let me know if you haven't yet and wish to come.  Also, share with anyone you think would be up for some time in NikStarr Land.

Here's the link again.  

Reminder I am happy to do payment plans if you need.
11/12 July Sunshine Coast.
18/19 July Gold Coast.

And lastly, I'm creating some online courses.  First up is a pregnancy course, incorporating the Jade Egg as well as womb devotion and the sacred feminine.  It's such a beautiful offering.  An online 6 month course, month by month 6-9 for the beautiful journey to birth.  (and beyond).

So that's what I'm up to in the land of NikStarr....... Oh I have actually been doing some skype sessions of late too.  Lots of people going through big awakenings and processes.  So if you want a Soul Session, I'm able to do 4 a week, email or FB me and we can set up a time.  I've found its time to lock in some specific processes and practises to support our growth at this time.
I'm loving the daily practise we've locked in now my heaven sent intern is here.  Her name is Julie.  Julie and I have been having big juices in the morn, then into meditation; setting our daily intention.  Fresh fruits mid morning and then high vibe lunch mid afternoon.  Lots of Jamu and Kombucha and sacred sounds in the office.

On that note, I must go and do my Mumma duties.  



It's ALL GOD, always, all ways.
Evolution School, Planet Earth. 

I see you.
I honour you.
I treasure you.
I love you.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Ommmmmmmm......

Durgaji Nik.

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