Wednesday, 24 June 2015


SOLSTICE June 2015
... 😍
So; I had the honor of guiding some courageous women through purification meditation  ceremony aka Nik style. Nothing floundering or gentle... All in and lets go. 
So we are in a purification pond and I'm leading the group. I go under the Ajna Chakra 3rd eye fountain; all good, feeling the clearing, I feel the chakra opening wider and deeper, the colors are flashing and changing, I start to lose my breath, I go deep into a void of consciousness snd suddenly I gather perspective as I hear a very loud Roaring. Then I realize it's Me.... I remember I'm leading a group for a friends retreat; I don't really know these people very well.... Sheessshhh; kinda inappropriate but totally not. (Don't scare the students).... I centered, pulled my self together and exited the fountain. Turned around and saw wide-eyed very perplexed mouths open wide. 
I said; 'all good' and motioned them into the fountain. 
We ventured after that to one of my fave sacred sites and when we left there... They had no words, speechless... Perfect. Success. 
Stunning solstice.... Only thing is my 3rd eye is pinging, I'm energized beyond belief and I need to go find my integrate button...... Pa-ping!!!!!

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