Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Birthday Blog

Today is my 41st birthday on planet earth...... 

Generally I write a blog on reflection of the last year and blah blah blah.

As I stand here in my beautiful home in Bali with my baby asleep in his sling across my body there is just so much that has happened since last year.  I was in Wales and he had only just begun growing inside me and I didn't even know he was there.

I could never of imagined that I would be standing here last year like this now.  It never occurred to me.  Which is funny for me, the most unusual evented person I know.

Yet, I stand here in complete peace.  That is actually more unimaginable than having a beautiful baby strapped to me.  

If you knew exactly what had gone down for me in the last year, especially the last 2 months you would wonder how I could possibly be in such a state.

But I am.  It is actual a consequence of all these events that I have been on the path to full embodiment of Grace. A state that took a lot of tears, surrender and so much hard work.  The layer upon layer upon layer of the never ending soul evolution opportunities that life throws us.

At the end of the day nothing really matters at all.  The little things are all part of the big picture.  

The big picture being we are souls here on earth, kindly granted a human life for the purpose of our evolution.  To go from suffering to pure love.  There is no need to take that for granted, curse it or disrespect it.  For that is not the point, fighting what is the purpose is quite a peculiar pastime really.

Earth is the way it is right now to grant us lessons, blessons and offerings for this evolution.  It is actually perfect the way it is.  Through evolution we will rise and as a consequence it will too.  We are what we are, we mirror what we see and we vibrate at what we do.  We we look after ourselves and our purpose all the rest will come into alignment.  Soul Responsibility.

Minor digress there from the blog point.  My self serving, pleasure seeking desires have greatly shifted over the years and as a reflection my birthday activities.

My initial thought was to simply stay home and have a quiet day with my sweet baby yet the universe had another idea. 

So, I will actually spend my birthday in a Temple doing service ceremony with others and finish at Moonrise for a complete letting go Full Moon ceremony at the ocean.   This is most pleasing to my soul.

I'm not even going to think about where I could possibly be in a years time.  I have no doubt that my brain hasn't the capacity to even imagine how to imagine that at this moment.  So I won't.  I will simply enjoy this Now.  

Thankyou all for all that you share with me.  For the love we collectively generate all the time.  I am so ever simply grateful to have peace in my heart.  So soft, subtle and sweet.  That is the greatest birthday gift I ever have given myself.

Durgaji Nik.  xo


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