Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Moon cycles, Vaginas and Yumminess. [I think the title is enough warning for following content :) ]

Yes, I'm going to talk about periods and women's stuff.

Why?  Because today I got my period.  AND I get to use my own product; the Starr Menstrual Cup this cycle.

I'm going to tell you a bit of a story....... (Nikness of course),

Once upon a time I was born. As I grew into a big girl all I heard was that womens menstruation was an inconvenience. Often it was painful, a curse even and generally had a terrible reputation.  So I just believed all that.  Why would I think anything different as a young growing soul?

At 13 getting my period I was at a Ski Resort with my Father and Brother, (alone in my mind) and that's wasn't the funnest thing I have ever gone through.  My mum's cousin had had a 'lost tampon' and that story was just horrible.

Eventually as I grew I fortunately wasn't bothered too much with having my period it was just what happened.  I wasn't particularly affected by it, occasional pain and discomfort but in hindsight I think I just thought I should do that when it was super bad, those handful of times, who knows.

I had this great idea when I was 30, after my second child.  To get an IUD (Mirena),, my period slowed to a complete stop after 3 or 4 months.  And then for 8 years I didn't have a period.  I thought this was awesome at the time.

There was that one time though that I went to this womens event and they were talking about aligning your cycle with the moon and all this hippy stuff and I was like; OMG I've cut off my access to ancient wisdom and all this other juicy stuff.  My doctor told me after that I was still having a cycle but the synthetic drugs in the device were simply stopping the blood and that's what is possible in this time we live in.  At the time that satisfied me because I thought I was very clever is removing this inconvenient menstruation thing.

And then I moved to BALI...........................So many epic Nik stories start with those six words.

I went to see my favourite healer for the first time.  Tjorkoda Rai, 84 year old medicine man extraordinaire.  He did his do and said, 'you have a problem with your 'ladies',  There is a blockage there, stopping the energy and your hormones are not in a natural harmonious state. I said, ummmm, and explained the Mirena.  He looked curtly into my eyes and said..'Oh, you put the blockage there voluntarily.  That is all, next'.  What the????, this was the first time I had heard a bad wrap about my beloved IUD.

I then went onto doing some high energy kundalini meditation practise and the more energy I worked with, the more I started to 'feel' the IUD, I could feel it move, when I would force the awakened Kundalini energy through my chakras.......hhhhhmmmmm. Sometimes it really hurt inside my body.  Holy crap, this thing is going to come out, that means periods, that means life is going to change, that means...... Wow, things are going to be very different.

It was 2 months before I could get it out,  I had to travel back to Australia and so it all happened then.  By that time I had time to connect with this new way of being.  By the time the removal was complete, I had been to the supermarket and found the most amazing array of products that I hadn't noticed over the years gone by.  Such amazing pretty packaging and the array, so many options.

What I found for the next almost year was that everytime I got my period, I embraced it with deep gratitude.  Wow, it made my whole experience fully reframe.  This was such an honor as a woman.  I had read about Red Tents, womens wisdom and so many incredible beautiful stories, that I had a whole new one.  My hormonal experience changed too, my once very masculine hard going was softened and I was totally digging this self nurturing thing.  There is so much I could say on the beauty of menstruation, its gifts and its purpose.  It would fill pages.  But no doubt you get my point.  I found a whole new reference for all of this. 

With my brain back in period land I starting hearing more shocking stories, Toxic Shock Syndrome, cervical cancer, pollops, bad pap smear story after bad pap smear story, problem after problem after problem.  More bad wrap on things.  I could see a direct correlation between the products we use and the problems.  How long term use of tampons and cheap pads that had been bleached to pure whiteness were poisoning our bodies.  How new fancy cotton tampons were shedding inside and leaving fragments on the cervix to create disease and chaos.  More women's pain and problems.  I honestly had never heard so many stories from so many women as I found myself discussing my new found joy and beauty of my monthly menstruation.

Then I found the Menstrual Cup.

The perfect answer to all these assistors to problems.   A medical grade re-usable catching device, that was not toxic ever, 1 time only cost and help the environment.  Yogis were raving about them and the more I researched the more incredible stories I heard.  I was sold.  Being in Bali, these weren't the easiest things to find.  I soon realized that they would be a great compliment to my other online business Jade Eggs Online. So I sourced what was to become the Starr Cup.  BOOM!! I loved this and so do zillions of happy healthy vaginas.

OMG, they are so easy to use, another Game Changer on this path of Spirituality.  I was able to even more connect with this monthly event, I cannot express how much more this enhanced my experience.

Then I got pregnant.  SURPRISE.  There was a big part of me that was sad that for the next year I was not going to bleed.  I had grown to love this so very much.  But I wasn't without connection.  I heard so many beautiful and wonderful stories of women and their shift in perception with changing to using the cup.  Sisters sharing wisdom.  Even more inspiration.

Then the strangest thing happened, well not the strangest thing in my world but a strange-ish thing.  A month ago, I started bleeding, 2 months after having my baby.  Weird, as after bubba number 1, it was almost 12 months, bubba number two; 6 months.  I was fully breast feeding and here I was bleeding, odd I thought.

2 weeks before this unexpected bleeding my future as I thought it looked like was literally changed instantly.  My world again was turned upside down and I was quite shocked actually.  I am not ready to discuss this just yet, in due time.  I spoke to my midwife, who said... considering what I was going through, it could be what they call 'Breakthrough Bleeding', where you body releases 'stuff' for you.  I was doing really well and perhaps my body was processing on a whole other level...... maybe.  But it felt, 'like my cycle'.  I felt as if I was menstruating, it felt incredibly beautiful.  I felt connected to the collective of all my earthly sisters.  I felt strong, I felt wise, I felt safe, I was so happy to sit in quiet contemplation of this.  The midwife said, I very well could simply just be so strong and healthy that my body had very quickly returned to its natural operating system, that we would know in a month.  Well today, is a month.  Blessed.

.Last month I didn't insert anything into my vagina as it was still soon after birth.  But today, I have a Starr Cup, my very own creation.  To support me in this beautiful time.

I just had to tell you all.

I just love love love love today.  Thankyou for taking the time to share a little of yours with me.  I feel your energy when you connect to me, together we are continuing to raise the consciousness of the planet.  And so it is.  

You can read some more about the cups at the site.  or buy out of my NikStarr Spiritual Shop.

Blessings dear souls..... I love you.

Durgaji NikStarr.

Grace and gratitude always.  


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