Sunday, 20 April 2014

Phoenix rising on Easter; says she of many names.

People often wonder if my real name is Nicole Phoenix Starr.  My passport says, Nicole Starr.  I have had the papers for years to legally make my name reflect my soul name.  Yet I have yet to get around to it.  I simply AM Nicole Phoenix Starr, have been for years, feels like I always have been..

I was born; Nicole Evans.  In 1998, I became Nicole Starr by marriage, had two little Starrs then got called to shine in other worlds.  I always had middle name envy.  When you have no middle name you feel different.  Sometimes good sometimes not so good.  Mostly I always desired one.  I had started hanging out in the New Agey scene with Chirones, Nivannis and other Shakti Rainbow types.  I guess this planted a seed. You can change your name if you want, actually sometimes you get given new names by Gurus.  Of which I have since been given two more.

I was chosen on as a student by an old Swami a couple of years ago to learn the ancient tradition of Hindu Tantra, he always and only called me Durgaji.  Last year at the world Hindu Summit, renowned Hindu leader Mother Maa Krishna gave me the name Aditi.  
In the 
VedasAditi is mother of the gods from whose cosmic matrix the heavenly bodies were born. As celestial mother of every existing form and being, the synthesis of all things, she is associated with space and with mystic speech.
Interestingly, I had found out only about 10 days before this event that I was surprisingly pregnant with LeoAnanda.   

I have digressed...... Back to the rise of the Phoenix.  It had been a particularly hard 6 months in my life.  My beloved had suddenly died in the August before.  He was earth bound for many months, not crossing over until great assistance was called.  I thought I was going mad being in relationship with a spirit, maybe I was.  It certainly taught me a lot about energy and the spirit world which I would realized not too long after was going to be very important part of my soul journey.  

I always seemed to struggle at Easter as a rule, this one was no different.  The kids were with their father, Mr Starr and I was left to my own devices.  I recall doing ceremony the night of good friday and the rest of the time a bit of blur until I drew that bath in my rainforest home that Easter Sunday afternoon what seems like another lifetime ago.  Filled it with Himalayan chunks of pink salt, many crystals, angel cards, candles, music and a fed up heart.  Something happened in that bath.  Words cannot describe.  I remember opening my eyes, the candles were melted, the water was cold and the crystals in my hands had embedded into my skin.  I rose and my body started moving by what seemed itself.  I stood out of the bath and stared in the mirror, I stared into my eyes, I saw someone I didn't recognise.  My mouth opened and out came the word Phoenix.  Then the words, Nicole Phoenix Starr.  I smiled, my eyes started leaking and I recognised my eyes as the soul I daydreamed to be.  I somehow felt a wholeness I had never experienced before.  The was not a sense of missing something.

So from that day on, I AM Nicole Phoenix Starr.  When I feel I first became who I was born to be.  The struggle was over, I was ready to soar....... And I had NO idea what that meant.  And I have no idea where it will go next.............all I know is that I AM and in that I am blissfully happy.

Nearly four weeks ago, my life got totally turned upside down again.  Rather than it being a crazy insane ride, it has become a gateway to the embodiment of grace.  I was told two weeks ago that I was released of my burdens and would be showered with blessings for all my hard work.  I had no idea how that would materialize.

Since then I have spoke on the world stage at the World Hindu Wisdom Meet and I have been a special guest at an intimate dinner with one of my biggest (if only I can meet in this lifetime) dream meetings, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

The energy of Easter Sunday is not about chocolate eggs for me, its about a re-birthing of the unified soul system of this universe, Divine Source.

Tonight I go live another dream.............I will let you all know how that goes later.  And on Tuesday I have a meeting that very well could see all my dreams come true sooner rather than later.   Eternal dreams it seems are attainable.  When you are READY, the universe will meet you there.  Respond in action and watch the magic before your eyes.

My meditation today, I shared divine grace with all connected to me, close your eyes; open your third eye and receive my gift if you wish.  Know the purity of intention of which it will integrate your soul.... in gratitude close your chakra and finish with a smile.

Blessings dear soul family of this planet earth that we share.  
I love you unimaginably, I thankyou for your presence. 

Durgaji Putu Widiani Aditi Nicole Phoenix Starr.

Oh I forgot the Putu Widiani..... that's my Hindu name given to me at my Hindu Merwinton ceremony.  

She of many names.

Oh and there is Nik too and NikStarr..... People say what should I call you?

I say, what ever works for you.  They say but what do you prefer? I say honestly, whatever you like the most will be the most loveliest name you could call me.

I answer to anything, hon, babe, love too................ xo

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