Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 and I moved to Heaven.

I came into 2011 at Woodford Folk Festival a little sideways, was an epic evening of dancing, drinking and fabulous fun.  Quite the contrast of my plans for this year.  As I sit here in Bali (Heaven on earth) I will be in meditation as the clock is approaching midnight and in open heart space and gratitude into 2012.

I spent the early part of 2011, selling my business, my car and everything I owned except 2 boxes to leave at my cousins house.  Which contained the contents of a filing cabinet, all my journals from over the years, several couldn't let go of books and 3 pairs of sexy boots (some things are absolute keepers).  What I didn't sell I gave away.  I was left with 2 suitcases of personal and private possessions that would be my soul* belongings that would journey with me into my new life moving to Bali.

I hit a state of complete 'overwhelm' as January came to a close, wtf was I doing, leaving my family, friends, life and security and taking off to a 3rd world country with no plan and no idea.  All I knew was that source had made it very very clear that that was where my destiny was.  I am very good at following instructions.  I banished my overwhelm with the little help of a beautiful friend who is an NLP master and I was set to go.

My beautiful daughter Ruby booked 4 nights accommodation for me at 5pm the night before I flew out.  My two children were to spend a school term living with their father full-time for the first time in 8 years and all was well.

I arrived in Bali and rested.  I slept, I swam, I ate and I slept again.  The previous 4 months since I had a beaming voice say to me, Move to Bali, had been quite a roller coaster.

A million trillion gazillion things happened after those 4 days, I found a villa to live in in Ubud.  I met the most incredible people, I was invited into a very special Balinese Spiritual Family and my life flipped upside down.  The most unimaginable things happened, things beyond my mind and as a consequence I now sit in my skin with grace, gratitude and deep deep love.  My life in Bali takes my breath away everyday, my children are still living with their father and spend time on their holidays with me, its hard at times but we all have come to find a place to connect in our hearts that makes the time in between ok.

I have had the opportunity to meet and become great friends with several of my mentors and people that I have admired for years.  The journey has taken me places I have dreamed of for years.

I have had many beautiful friends visit and get a taste of my life, I feel so blessed to share this time with them.

The connections made on Facebook have created incredible interactions both physically and online that have touched my soul deeply. 

I have traveled to Singapore, Thailand and Australia and have smiled, laughed so hard, cried and sat in silence like never before in my life.

2011 has been the year that I have stepped way out of my comfort zone only to find magic is not only alive and well but a part of daily life.

I have many many people to thank for being part of my journey this year, they all know who they are.  The love I've shared this year has been immeasurable.  *Breathes deeply*

My business has taken many twists and turns, all perfect of course.  I am so excited to be running the first of a series of group retreats here in Bali, taking future soul family on a spiritual journey that I cannot wait to share. 

My unimaginably beautiful life is my gift that I embody, embrace and enhance.  

I bow to all of humanity for sharing this human experience that we are all in, I honor Jero Mangku Gede Widiabiasa, who has taken my soul to heights that I never knew I was capable of, has nurtured me into the shining light that I feel so happy to bask in.


I continue to surrender to lifes plan, to the joy of perceived insanity and to NOW.

I love you all completely and deeply, for we are all of the same and in loving you I am able to love me.  

I am ferociously excited about 2012 as I am in this very moment.  I aspire to Be and ride this outstanding path with a massive smile on my face, full of gratitude, sincerity and truckloads of Love.

Much love and some,


PS...... Ruby and Harley Starr, you are the most beautiful people that I have crossed in this journey, you have made me prouder than I ever imagined.  You make my life totally complete.  My babies, THANKYOU.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey - your trust in the Universe is awe-inspiring! I can't wait to hear the next chapter in your life!

  2. Beautifully written Nicole, I admire your raw openness and courage to embrace life and your spiritual path through all it's twists and turns. I am very honored to have met you,your life story and your infinite spirit are a constant inspiration on my personal path to awakening! Keep up the good work, Om Swastiastu!

    Star Phoenix