Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Full Moon 17 December 2013 ~ Watch Out, be careful.... It's all about communication.

5.28pm Bali Time
~ (and the 24hrs after...)

A simple way to remember the purpose of the Moon energy is Full Moon = Releasing.  New Moon = Creating/Manifesting.

What the Queen of Light is saying....

Stay Aware, Stay Focused, Now is the time!!
The POWERFUL focus of this Full Moon,  will be on communication, what you think, what you say, and your beliefs. Look closely, as I have suggested, at Yourself.  Observe your thoughts, your beliefs, what you say and write.
The Moon in Gemini will be opposed by the Sun in Sagittarius. Add Uranus going direct in 8 degrees Aries on the 17th as well, and you have the potential for great Transformation. Uranus represents rebellion.
Key Words:  Overwhelmed, Revelation, Excess, Rebellion.

All Full Moons are a culmination of a cycle. This full moon is a buildup of the secrets, words, things kept hidden, that will now be released. A Flooding of Communication.
Because the rebellious nature of Uranus comes with a powerful impact, YOU may want to STAY very aware of this Influence.  The long-awaited conversation, may NOT go as planned.  Being in Harmony, will help you through ANYTHING that may come up for You.
As always, STAY aware of YOURSELF. Your Feelings, thoughts and Words, create your Reality.

Stay Centered and grounded, no matter what is going on around you.
The Sun in this opposition will be on the star Aculeus in Scorpio. This may come into your life as a threatening event, or challenge, however, as you stay FOCUSED, and Present, you may very well Benefit, and expand THROUGH this.

If you ARE threatened or challenged during this Full Moon, you can either face it, look into your fears and move into GREATER Harmony and EXPAND in Conscious Awareness.
Or you can ignore your fears, which may lead to a MORE challenging time, later on, in dealing with your fears.
This shift has always been about facing your fears, looking deep into your own thoughts, emotions, and TAKING Responsibility for the Reality you are in truth Creating.
You are the Creator of Your Reality.

How YOU respond, to any challenge that comes up, is WHAT this is about! Free Will, always rules. You can also use your WILL, to stay focused.

Face your FEARS.
Take up this challenge, stay in the KNOWING of Your Heart, and Victory will be yours. 
* * * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * * *

What I'm finding most fascinating for me about this Full Moon is the Opportunity.  In the buildup of this energy I have been given 'opportunity'. 

Yesterday with my husband.  Last night with my father and today with the father of my 2 children.

The common denominator, Me and my relationships with the Masculine.  Stunning opportunities for clear conscious communication while maintaining the energy of integrity, kindness, politeness, clarity and seriousness. 

I thank the divine for such opportunities.  I have expanded to a new level of communication, that I have never quite touched to date.  And co-incidently (NOT), the energy of this moon supports and enhances all of this.  All of this could not be more perfect if I tried to line it up.

So, I invite you all to be brave, be integral, rise your vibration using this Full Moon energy.  Just stand under it, or create your own little ceremony or even simply close your eyes and connect with the Moon somewhere outside there.

Much love, Nik. xo

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(from Australia).

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