Wednesday, 11 December 2013

11 12 13 ~ What does it mean? Todays line up of numbers in the date. Curious much???

There is always an interest in sequential numbers.  Mystique as to what they mean. ....

And often there is something quite significant about a date.  And as I'm sure we all know, we could probably find some evidence to back up a theory as to such.

The main thing that I knew leading up to this date is that one of my best friends is due to have her baby today..... as I write this mid afternoon, she is having long walks, lots of sex and preparing a hot curry for dinner (just in case).  Would be a cool birthdate to have indeedy.

One thing I do know also about today is its a very very very very popular day to get married.  There are a squillion weddings on today.... I think India is just having one big wedding.

The astrology of these numbers, the alignment of the stars and the prettiness of the number sequence is a huge combination of a beautiful day to commit to your beloved.  Why not..... I say. 

The number 11 focuses on intuition, sensitivity, and the presence of knowledge that one isn’t aware of; 12 represents completion, forming a whole, or a perfect and harmonious unit; and 13 is a strong number and represents achieving happiness.

What I do know.... is that life is what you make of it.  And doing meditation, ceremony, intention can always be a fabulous thing to do.  Especially when the energy of the day is high.  The collective is in awareness.  So............. you can do ANYTHING you want and play with the energy, play with the numbers, see what comes out for you.

One beautiful thing that happened to one of my students today using the energy was this:

"Hi Nik I just listened to your zero separation meditation and had an amazing past life experience"

The high energy of the sequential line up was by default a bonus for her meditation .... where she plugged in through my guidance into the universal energies.  Straight in and had a massive experience.  I freakin love this stuff...................................  Here is where you can find the guided meditations online.

So whatever you do Today ....................... enjoy and have a lovely one, no matter what you do do.

Much love and grace,  Nik.  xo

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