Thursday, 28 November 2013

Putting on ya Patience Pants.....

My Blog has been calling me all day.

Asking me to visit.  Hang out a little.  Do some stuff. 

As usual I've managed to do lots of things and lots of not doing.

Our Wifi is being unstable and I am in and out of the back end of the website platform, seeing how the Meditation loading is going. 

So there is this thing......................... that I'm pretty well known for and that is 'getting on your Patience Pants'.

I often speak to my son Harley, when he is waiting impatiently for the deliveries I send him to arrive.

I have many friends, colleagues, students and family who want something NOW, or to change their lives NOW, or a relationship NOW.

Out comes the old 'Patience Pants'.... I first found mine in a village in the north west of Bali.

I was out with my Master, visiting some students of his and I was over it. 
We had just spent a week traveling through sacred sites on small indonesian islands of Bali and to Java to visit Grand Master Untung.  I had only the day before done my final graduation Energy Master ceremony.  I was tired, I was stretched to the bone.  And I was almost home when we turned left to the small village.  6 hours later I was at the over it stage.

I spoke to one of my fellow travelers who in the polite broken english, basically told me to pull my head in.  To not go down the road of 'poor white person tired me', but to sit graciously, be of service and know "nothing lasts forever", including sitting on this dirt floor.

I sat and realized that everything was for a reason.  That if I simply sat and was truly present in the moment, then it will always become apparent.

I visualized myself then, putting on some 'Patience Pants', I'm not even quite sure how it came about, but from that day on.  I knew if I was agitated, or frustrated and not able to find my presence.  I found my Patience Pants.

I love my Patience Pants, they have given me huge opportunities to enjoy things that I may of grumpily missed in the past. 

Eternal love and truckloads of Patience,

Nik.  xo

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