Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Meditation is one of the most misunderstood words I know……

Day 9 ~ Blog Challenge/Commitment

I am going into a recording studio in an hour to record some of my guided meditations and processes.  I spend a lot of time guiding people through meditation while they are on my retreats or coming to a NikStarr 1 day event or gathering.  I have been asked a trillion times if I have a recording of any of these…….. ‘baulks at such a notion’.   All of my guided meditations are different.  Half the time I have no idea what is going to come out of my mouth, I often wait in anticipation to see what I am going to say next.  Confused?  Don’t be; none of this is rocket science.  I connect with the divine, with a very clear purpose, with faith and trust I open my mouth and the words simply come out.  I am a master at this.  I have practised a lot, I believe and I ‘know’ what I am doing is extremely powerful and life changing.

But there is a little secret.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, the thought of recording myself kinda scared me lots.  I have no idea why.  I haven’t thought that far into it.  I have just dodged and side stepped the actual taping of ‘me’.  Until 2 weeks ago, it started.  I got asked AGAIN to record the guidance for the 21 day soul purification meditation that one is invited to undertake after a NikStarr Spiritual Journey.  I got a lot of loving pressure to do this.  Recording apps, time sensitive deadlines and kind eye batting pleas.  So I did it, I had two of my students at my house, we were on the lawn out the front of my room at my house, I had the app, I had the iphone tucked into my bra and I had the headphones plugged in and an earpiece in one ear.  I simply had to do my do, hit record and open my mouth.    So we are about to start, the dogs next door start barking, a lot.  The construction over the rice fields start banging, the sounds of the world were a little loud.  I almost had an out.  What was I hiding from, ‘dickhead….. stop calling yourself names, breathe, get over yourself and shut the f*ck up’.  I closed my eyes, breathed deeply;  the dogs stopped, all the noise suddenly ceased.  I connected with the divine and I opened my mouth.  As usual, the magic happened.  I forgot all the ‘stuff’, I just was being of service to the 2 beautiful women sitting in front of me and all those awaiting the recording were far off in the back of my unconscious mind.  Nailed it!!!

Then within a day or so, my dear friend Errol says to me.  I have booked the recording studio.  I smiled, said thanks, and knew ‘it was time’.  Today is that time. 

Hayley, my assistant and I had to leave my house, as there is a workshop being run there today.  We had to find somewhere to do our daily meditation.  Setting our intention for our day ahead, including specifics of our intentions.  This daily habit is locked into my cellular mainframe, I just do it unconsciously, everyday.  In a million different ways, Life is a Meditation.  Whether it be silent, active, intentional, guided or ANYTHING….. there is no right or wrong, there is just Meditation.  I will expand more on some hows in further writing and have actual NikStarr Meditation Recordings to share……………………OMG, Woohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (note excitement not fear here).

So, Hayley and I went into the middle of Ubud, to the Soccer Field, which was full of school kids doing their morning exercise program.  Its noisy, its near Tutmak who does the best hash browns in Ubud.  It was our meditation location today.  We sat on the wet weather poncho on the moist grass.  Closed our eyes and dropped into our personal meditation space.  Within half an hour we were at breakfast.

And now we will finish our daily blog challenge, post it and ride off down to meet Errol and head into the studio.  Bring it…………………………… I’m ready.  I’m excited and I look forward to making magic today.

Wishing you all a Tantilising Tuesday.

Nik.  xo


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  1. Jeanette Pitchford20 November 2013 at 08:06

    I am so grateful to you for stepping up. Thanks to Margot for introducing us, I know exactly what you mean by opening your mouth, I now get out of my head and trust. Such a blessed gift. Look forward to buying your recordings....