Monday, 10 December 2012

2 days until 12/12/12.... What does it mean?

Now this is a great question, What does 12/12/12 mean?

Well obviously many things to many people.  The main premise is that its the time of Ascension.  What does that mean? 

Together we will activate and actualize the Golden Flame of Unity Consciousness and Empowerment, and assist the Legions of Light from On High in bringing the New Earth Templates and Geometries of Light online through the 144 Crystalline Grid of Divine Love.  Seriously, what does that mean?

We will be using our COURAGE in abundance to clear out all that is left within us that is no longer serving us.  This process demands truth, integrity and proper use of the energy of POWER. Creative/spiritual/sexual energy is all one energy and DEMANDS integrity and that you face the truth of how you use this energy!  
Now is the time to be the person you were born to be, STEPPING UP with Ease and Grace and floating through to the next Level.  Hhhhhhmmmmm.........Ok.

You can plainly see that the number 12 is prominent within these dates.  12 is a number of universal import and you see its repeating patterns in your culture; 12 hours of the day, 12 months of the year, 12 in a dozen, 12 zodiac signs, 12 apostles, and 12 days of Christmas, for example.  These relationships are not a coincidence, nor are they about convenience.  Within the 12 you find the number 3; the sacred trinity, third chakra, and number of creation.  It is universal that when you put two things, ideas, or what have you, together, a third is naturally created.  In these December dates, you have three threes.  This equals 9.  Thus the creational value is tripled and the result is the completion of a cycle, which is a meaning inherent in the number 9.  From this we can plainly see the vibrations at play of creation and completion, in the cycle of development.
    Interesting, Nice.........

Some of you will also note that 12.12.2012= 11.  This numerology also has a spiritual significance as to transcendence, and the doubled power of one, and its ability as an initiator and propulsion unit for the start of new growth and new evolutionary urges.  No matter how you slice the numbers, there is potency inherent in these dates for your civilization, and this is no mistake.      Smiling.....

12/12/12 which is the gateway through to the 5th Dimension as per the Mayan Calendar.

Whoa............ Huh, ok, hhhhmmmm.....

The last of the triple dates in this ‘final countdown’ is 12-12-12.  On this date, the Crystal of Thoth will be activated beneath Lake Titicaca, along with the Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy, in Bimini.  The Crystallization of the planet will complete.
With all nine of these master Crystals active, the new Earth grid will then achieve full programming.  Each of the 12 facets on the grid will connect to the 12 dimensions of the Earth, and the 12 strands of your DNA will connect to the grid.  What occurs on the 12-12-12 is the Ascension.
Oh my...................     ......    .........

So YES, it can be a confusing time, so much information, basically this is what I have come to believe with the masses of information that I have read, integrated then ultimately aligned with through meditation, prayer and specific changelings. 

Now undoubtedly, is a very powerful energetic time.  We have the choice to embrace that or simply ignore it (good luck with that).  The planets consciousness is rising at a rapid rate and awareness is becoming more and more obvious. 

The point though, there is nothing difficult to do.  You don't have to meditate for hours, or meditate at all, you don't have to hug a tree or join a hippie community.  You don't have to re-calibrate your cellular memory or re-birth yourself on a mountain top.

All you have to do is be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.  Be open to expanding your knowledge.  Be open to the energy of now, that's it, just allow yourself to BE.  Spend time on the 'key' days just sitting quietly, or writing, simply just be aware.

Of course you can do so many other things too, but for so many, they feel overwhelmed by all this "Mayan" stuff and all this 'talk'.  And quite often feel quite clueless.  Your higher self and your Soul, knows everything, is tapped into universal energy and knowledge.  So please, just be kind to you, be open to the world and be really really loving to your fellow man.

There is no right, there is no wrong for this time.  Just do what feels right for you.  That your soul is smiling and your heart is loving.  That's all.

The last point to understand is that IT'S NOT DIFFICULT...............Just decide to be part of the consciousness, the natural ascension, don't resist, don't have fear, ENJOY.  The divine realm set all this up with ease and grace.  That is the Freakin Point.  Gently, easily, lovingly participate in this life and embrace our destiny.  That is all you have to do.

Much love, light, gratitude, unity, passion and hugs,


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