Saturday, 28 July 2012

Why does a Bat fly into my Office every night?

For the last several weeks I have had a Bat fly into my office at night, do a lap and then fly out.  This happens every night, not at the same time but every single night.  I thought I would do some research into it.  This is what I found out.

Bat Totem:
It is a symbol of communication. Native Americans observed bats to be highly social creatures with strong family ties. They are nurturing, exhibiting verbal communication, touching, and sensitivity to members of their group. Bats are sensitive to their surroundings and are seen as intuitive. Devotion of the Bat totem will never fade, encouraging the journey to achieve the highest possible potential from an individual.


Encouraging the journey to achieve the highest possible potential for an individual. 

This has been the topic at large in my office of late, sharing journeys with many and encouraging individuals to honor their highest possible potential.

I was having a discussion about it just this afternoon with a friend who was struggling with some old patterning, so I explained how I suffered depressive thoughts in the past, was in and out of the cycle way too much for years and this is how I came about conquering it once and for all.

I guess in my experience I just got sick to death of the recurring thoughts. pissed me off now end to find myself back in the same fucking space of wanting to kill myself or the associated feelings, I tried all the tricks and tools and it got to the point where I was so sick of it nothing worked anymore. The final time, I was in a 4 day daze of spiraling further into it, cause I went through the familiar kinda safety it bought and then distraction of watching a whole series of Gossip Girl and in the end it was just there and doing my head in beyond belief. I was desperate and decided all i had left was to ask for help.

And that is exactly what I did, I asked for help.

And this is what I got told,  STOP being a nancy pants and STOP living in your drama and understand something.

GOD gave us life, and WE collaborated with God to have THIS life, kind of like an agreement. And this gift from God you are trying to throw away, to walk out of, to want to simply break that agreement because you can't commit to the original agreement.

You were sure that you could come to this life and be the greatest Nicole you could be, ready to shine and grow through challenges and tests. Commit to making this life really count, given the opportunities and experiences to make that a reality. And here you are dissing God. It is your personal responsibility as per your commitment to celebrate this life, to love all of humanity and to go hard. Life is a blessing, Life is an offering, Life is an agreement between you and God. You are evidently the sort of person that doesn’t take this sort of thing lightly.

So STOP your story and understand that you are loved beyond infinity by God and you are God, so none of your story makes sense. It’s just your fear in your human form of being extraordinary and how strange is that.

So, I got it, that was my perception of the few sentences that were shared with me. And I CHOSE to take all that on board, as the alternative was so fucken annoying, and I thought about it a lot, I saturated my soul in those words and thoughts and I commited to ME. I deserved to STOP this cycle and to step into what I was born to be. And that was ME in this lifetime. Knowing that life is infinite, our souls will never die, just continue to evolve and fly. And in choosing this I would evolve at such a rapid rate that all this would dissolve. And it has. I don’t care if I die, or when I die, for that’s my destiny for this lifetime, woopy fucken doody, what i do care about is how I feel everyday. Inside my soul and I've felt like shit for way too much of my life. So no more. And now I don’t, sometimes I feel abrasive in a moment, or agitated and AS SOON as that happens I catch myself. Look at Why and ALWAYS be grateful for that, as I know that more evolution is available.

I stood up to that part of my ego that liked being the wah-wah poor old Nicole, such crazy shit happened to me and blah blah and said, oi you, enough we are just doing evolution here. And that’s it. So we gonna be Kind and loving and that’s how things are gonna roll now. So get with the program. We are committing to this Life and from that moment, I integrated it. It took a couple of weeks and then things got expanded. I had to practise practise practise but everytime I felt the need to escape I would remember the COMMITMENT I MADE TO ME. And in turn the commitment to God."

For me God is a word that encompasses EVERYTHING, the universe, source, higher being, totality.  There is a reason why we are here and that is to be LOVE.  To continue to expand everyday and reap the rewards of participating full out.   The rewards are magnificent.  Bad days rock too, they give you polarity and greater understanding of GRATITUDE. 

Being thankful for every single thing; makes every single thing; simply LIFE.  And that is why we are here.

Live Life.

I just love this quote:
                       "The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful 
                                                than the risk it took to blossom.Anais Nin

Loving you,

Nik.  xo

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